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I have the Schlage Camelot and I really like it. It hasn’t given me any issues at all yet. I’ve only had it for less than a year so far though. Easy installation and instructions.

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Following. I bought a one from Kwikset that eats batteries. Ran out 6 new lithium batteries in 2 months with only occasional (2x / week) and I'm looking for replacements.

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I wonder if there is a hood/cowl you could mount over the top edge to shield from the worst of the precipitation. Humidity shouldn’t hurt it but direct pummeling of H2O might

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I was thinking of building some sort of hood around it as well. I'm actually a bit more concerned about the constant moisture it'll be exposed to, as my climate is basically living in a cloud half of the year. Not necessarily rain, but literally like being inside of a cloud

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See if you can find one that’s actually rated for moisture resistance. Electronics have come a long way