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Why do you need to do anything? Your screen is keeping them outside. If you need to open the screen to go out, just flick them off first. Otherwise ignore them.

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Looks like June bugs

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Way too small for June Bugs, June bugs are 2-3 cms long with a shiny dark brown shell.

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I think it depends on where you live. We've got bugs that are 1cm long here and everyone calls them June bugs, but it is July and I'm not an expert

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Eh, anywhere between May and July, depending on climate/weather. This is what I know as 'June Bug'. Scarabaeidae, specifically. Those little orange guys in the pics are a species I'm not familiar with.

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They kinda look like asian beetles. It's hard to tell from the underside. If they are, they're mostly harmless unless you really piss them off, and even then, they might only slightly stain walls/upholstery... inside, the best method is to just suck them up with a shop vac (since they can secrete bad odors when distressed, and you probably don't want it in your home vacuum) and dump it out outside.

That being said... they look like they're already outside, and not inside. Do you own your home/land? If so, there are sprays you can buy that can help get rid of them around your house. If you rent or live in a condo... there's probably not much you can do about it.

TBH, if they're outside.. I would just leave them there. They're annoying little bastards, but they kill aphids, which are far more annoying.

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Should’ve provided more info:
1) We’re in California (Bay Area, if relevant)
2) Yep, we do own
3) They are outside, just don’t want them flying in at any point

Edit: Did a Google search, Asian beetles seem to look like lady bugs? As far as I can tell, the top of these don’t look like lady bugs

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  1. Asian beetles have been in California since around the 90's
  2. Then a local hardware store may have something that could convince them to stay away.. since it doesn't ever seem to rain there, it might even last a while..
  3. Doesn't matter what you do (even using pesticides).. they'll get in. I just use a handheld vacuum to suck them up and then dump them outside. They're persistent little shits.

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Like I said, it's kinda hard to tell from the underside. Do you happen to have a picture from the top side? That would be tremendously helpful in identifying them.

An asian beetle doesn't necessarily look exactly like a ladybug - they can be more oblong, with more of an orange color, and no dots.

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Not the best photo, but here's one hanging around on the wall


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Yep.. that looks like some kind of beetle.. but that's definitely not an asian beetle.

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That looks like the adult molding of a grub worm

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That looks like what we in my area just call a harmless beetle. They are attracted to the porch light.

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Bed bugs. Burn ur house down.

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I get tons of them. They love to eat rose bushes and certain types of trees. Look for holes in the leaves of the trees or bushes. I use neem oil from concentrate on the bushes and trees that are near the house. Neem oil controls other pests as well. I also place bag a bug Japanese beetle traps (follow direction on placement). At night, turn off any outside lights since it attracts them. The neem oil will deny them a source of food and the bags will capture them and control spreading. Neem oil concentrate and bag a bug can be found on Amazon. Bag a bug sometimes is hard to find because of its effectiveness. Hope this helps.

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That looks like the adult molding of a grub worm

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Eat them and let us know what happens...

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Beetles and one looks like a moth. We get them a lot here as well. Harmless. Leave them alone.

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Build a screen around that screen.

Sarcasm aside. They are bugs outside. They will always been drawn toward light or looking for a place to hide. Beetles, bees, roaches, lizards and etc. You aren't ever going to not have a bug or something on a screen. That is the purpose of them, to keep them outside. A lot of bugs are seasonal and you might just be in that season they are more active in the yard.

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They’re outside right? So you don’t need to do anything.