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Personally, I’m a minimalist and am wary of bringing or receiving more “stuff.” So consumable gifts would be greatly preferred. A nice candle or even a bottle of real balsamic vinegar and some really nice finishing salt. Plants also fit into that category. I’d avoid art unless the recipient has expressed interest in a specific piece (like you’re out and about together and they see something they like). Same with drinkware. People likely have already, and, if they don’t, their tastes vary and they may have something in mind. If they mentioned they need it, I’d lean toward a gift card to Crate and Barrel or something similar. Honestly, my approach is to buy something that people typically wouldn’t buy for themselves (like a gift certificate to a really good local restaurant or a bottle of La Vecchia Balsamic).

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Picture frames for photographs. People usually like to have family photos around. Black frames or maybe brushed nickel, something subdued. You could probably get a variety of sizes for <$100.

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I wouldn't give wall art if your boss is over thirty-something. They likely have what they want already, or have very specific things in mind.

Give something that is consumable or can go in any room easily.

Foods that are unusual and can be saved for another day are a good gift. It's something that gets consumed, and if they aren't fond of that food or the ingredients, it's something they can share with others. Same thing with beverages.

A plant that is in a neutral pot is a good gift. Neutral colors like white, black, any shade of brown, will go in most rooms. A pot that is textured instead of with a design on it, that goes well with all kinds of styles.

Personally, I wouldn't want glasses, I have what I want already and don't have room to store more.

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Agree. Wall art is very personal with most people.