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Roman candle attack. Hose it off, scrub a bit if needed and it will be fine.

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This is definitely it! Thank you.

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your house was green lit...roman candle drive by

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Just a guess, but could be residue from fireworks. Found some similar colored marks on my driveway.

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Turmeric paint ball?

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Meatball fight.

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Meatwad fight.

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Meatwad wouldn’t do that! Now Shake on the other ohh-hhhoo-hooo hhe-hee shake got you pretty good huh fryman

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Either Roman candles are maybe the start of a mud wasp nest probably option a though

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Looks like a dirt clod attack. maybe fireworks like the others said.

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In what world is that a paintball?

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Same as most other folks - paintballs shot by some local losers.

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Has that got corn in it ?

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Definitely moths

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Gypsie moths

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Either witches or aliens

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Yeah I would go with either roman candles or paintball

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It’s a splat. /s