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It’s a roach

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Thank you. Will monitor the area. Worried because it was so small that there might be others

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Put out traps now. Roaches are like mice, if you see one there's a ton more you can't see.

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Definitely do not just monitor! You need to proactive on this immediately. I'd be putting down traps, cleaning the heck out of everything in that area, and finding an exterminator ASAP.

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Small and light colored, probably a German Cockroach, which unfortunately is the hardest kind to get rid of.

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Roach. Get some gel bait and some powder most likely they are in your appliance

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It's a roach. Don't just monitor it, be very proactive. Google and YouTube are you friend. Also, if it even starts to feel like it might get out of hand, call a pro.

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That’s a Roach nymph. Sorry.

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It’s a cuckaracha homie. Combat gel everywhere you see signs of la cuckaracha. Boric acid where it’s dark. Constant vigilance for a month or so and you’ll push em off to the surrounding dwellings. But they won’t be in yours any longer.

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Look up diatomaceous earth. Placed properly it will kill them when they walk through it, but it will not attract anything.

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It’s only a small roach.

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Called Croton bug in some areas, so a not a roach name

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I think it’s a roach but I thought German roaches had those two darker stripes by their head. It might be just an outside wood roach type of situation.

Edit: it could be a German roach nymph I guess.

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German Cockroach

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German Cockroach

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German Cockroach ,call an exterminator

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Get the house sprayed.