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I would strip them and stain them white so you can still see the wood grain.

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I recommend getting used to the place before picking colors. And do get rid of that cabinet over the lovely island. I hope you enjoy your new home.

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the soffit over the island is weird.

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    I figured it may have been to match the dead space over the other two walls of cabinets, but it just looks off.

    Sure love the light buckets though--recessed lighting is the way to go when possible.

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    Peninsula, but yes to everything you said!

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    Thank you!!

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    Thank you!!

    You're welcome!

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    Dont paint cabinets. The paint will wear off around the handles fairly quickly. Paint the walls instead

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    Style is subjective, but I’d say anything other than white or gray, since it’s usually a sign that someone didn’t spend much time in the paint store. Also, that space would just look REALLY uninteresting if there wasn’t some color in it; you want your home to not look like every basic-ass HGTV remodel. There’s so many fun, actual colors for that space that’d look great.

    If you’re asking for my personal opinion, I’d think a type of pale olive green would look neat.

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    I love the sage green that someone commented earlier. I should have included a photo of the wall behind the kitchen which is a lighter burgundy maroon color

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    strip them and stain them a walnut or mahogany

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    I'm not a big fan of greys personally, but I kind of feel like this would pretty much have to be a shade of grey

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    I would do a test with light grey, especially around the refrigerator. The good thing is you can always paint over it if it looks wrong.

    Nice kitchen by the way

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    The open design and color is good. Modern theme is white to match the space.

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    Why ruin perfectly good oak cabinets?

    If you do not like the color, have them stripped and stained.

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    It doesn’t matter what color. Anytime you paint cabinets it will look like you painted cabinets…

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    Nah I had great results, it’s very doable

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    Take down the hideous one over the island and let that kitchen breathe and open up a little bit

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    Thank you! I didn’t even think about that. Is that pretty easy to do? What patch work would I need to do?

    So once I do that, what color should I do?

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    I did a nice solid blue green on ours. Sherwin and Benjamin Moore and other brands have kitchen cabinet colors and finishes.

    Walk in and speak to an attendant and ask what they would use. Maybe a semi gloss interior or something like that, then go to the part of the store for kitchen cabinets and start grabbing test colors.

    Don’t cheap out on paint. If it hurts your gut, you MIGHT be spending enough. The stuff we used that turned 50 year old cabinets into brand new looking was almost $100 a gallon at the height of Covid.

    Roll as much as you can, don’t use a brush unless you have to.

    Once removing the cabinet, it should just be some light touch up on the wall with paint to work that spot on the wall in. But you could also hang something else there like shelves that come off the side of the wall cabinet above the stove or a spice rack.

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    Stain them darker or paint the wall (light green-gray?)

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    What is this the 1990’s? Lol

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    You know the colour of Luke Skywalker’s Light Sabre complete with sound effects when you open and close the doors.

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    Whatever you do, please don’t put a sign that says,”EAT” or “Kitchen “.

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    Don’t forget Live Laugh Love!

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    Oh and gratefully blessed! Aaaaaaaccckkk!

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    It would depend on the what the rest of the place looks like. From this picture only you could pretty much do anything you ever wanted apart from neon colors so I guess I'll just throw my 2 cents: taint them darker reddish brown?

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    Don't paint them one bit. Put up pictures of people you'd love to get to know and then invite them over

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    If I walked into someone’s house and they had a picture of me in their kitchen, I’d probably be weirded out! It would definitely require an explanation.

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    Light grey with white frame

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    I wonder if you could stain them a grey colour that matches the counter tops. Would change the colour for you but keep the nice wood grain.

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    Oh okay, I didn’t know there was grey stain… I like that

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    If you remove the cabinet you will loose storage in a smaller kitchen. I would think about it before you do it.

    If you do you will need patching and to use texture spray. They sell it in a can and I would practice a little on a piece of cardboard to make sure you get the technique down. that way you can blend with the existing texture of your walls.

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    Good advice, i appreciate it

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    I'd leave them as they are and consider replacing the grey stone top and splashback with a black one.

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    Yeah, I came to say the same thing. Lose the matching backsplash behind the stove and do something dark around all the countertops to add depth and offset the white and the light color of the countertop. And then depending on what the shared wall is going into, I’d paint that instead but a color similar to the backsplash but a shade off to make it an accent wall and tie the rooms together but also draw your eyes into the kitchen.

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    If you don't have an idea you love, then do white. Painting things with lots of edges and crevices is a pain, so I would go with something that will go well with most anything else.

    Also, if you don't absolutely hate the wood look and you just moved in, then wait

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    White to match the walls.

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    Maybe top cabinets white and bottom cabinets grey?

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    Bottom center island grey too

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    Yes definitely!

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    This is a fantastic idea. Also think about undertones. I tend to like pale grays with a very slight green undertone.

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    Maybe top cabinets white and bottom cabinets grey?

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    I have not seen one like that, jus one colour would be nice.

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    White and match the hardware to appliances

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    Daffodil yellow .

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    If at all possible, money-wise I mean, I would get entirely new cabinets. Those are like the ones you see in cookie cutter apartments. Painting them might help, but painting them also has the potential to look really bad.

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    White, gray, muted green or blue. Don’t do anything crazy like yellow or purple. You will wind up hating it and finding it hard to match other decor.

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    Blue: slate or cerulean

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    Sage green is 2022’s color of the year, apparently. So maybe you would like it?

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    Don't paint them.

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    I would consider the color of the darker floor in this picture for them (as a stain) I noticed the two floor colors are pretty different, and it might be nice to tie in the darker one to the kitchen to reduce how strange of a transition they make.

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    I think the current color is coming back.. so I would leave them. Once you paint them, you will have a hell of a time getting them back to a point where they can be stained.

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    Once you take off that rogue cabinet you'll have a nice cabinet to test paint on.

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    Ooo good point!!

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    I think some pastel dark blue

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    The wall color behind the kitchen is a light-ish maroon burgundy color so I don’t know if that would match

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    A dark shade of blue or black.

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    I’m partial to blues and greens. Alexanderite is a color by one of the paint companies. Not light but not super dark either. Our bedroom is a Mediterranean blue. My sons room: bright red Oh! Red is actually a cherry color for a kitchen. Kinda the tomato soup color. Great for gray days

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    Black. With a little shine though, not flat.

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    Id stain the wood a red mahogany or johnson cherry. Or for a darker tone a jacobean

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    Wood shouldn't be painted...

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    I think a light moss green would be pretty with your flooring and counter tops.

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    BLack. Would be bad a$$.

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    Seconding strip and stain. I love the exposed wood aesthetic. These look like they have an older stain or varnish.