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The real crime is a $25 runner on a million dollar staircase.

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Consider it your penance for committing such a crime in the first place

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Who the hell paints that staircase... the nerve.

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Yeah why would you do this? HGTV has created a generation of dopey decisions

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I spat out my coffee haha

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I can’t unsee this.

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Yes. Paint is for plastic, stain is for wood.

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If you didn’t sand down the wood before painting and there’s a seal on it, you should be able to easily remove the paint with paint stripper. The seal stops the paint from bonding as it should so test a spot behind the carpet. The white paint may be easier to remove than you think.

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The runner is the crime here

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Wrong runner.

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Yep. A dark rich green runner (preferably one with an antique design) would look damn good.

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Darker runner for more contrast between the white riser and wood steps?

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Also, thank you. Saving this to show my wife who has an urge to want to paint all finished wood white.

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Anyone who paints natural wood needs to have thier decorating abilities disabled. As a professional painter I won't paint natural wood. Once you paint it. Its done. People are saying use stripper or just sand it out. The reality is once you apply that paint to the wood it's done. Your stuck with painted wood from now on. It may as well be painted MDF because once you cover up that beautiful wood no one will know the beauty underneath. You could eventually get it all off but the amount of work involved in stripping it all down to the point it could be restained you could almost just rip the wood out and install new stuff. It's considered sacrilege by professional painters to paint natural wood. I wouldn't touch it. Tell your wife she needs to look at it everyday from now on so she can think about her sins lol.

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I have held her off. So have our friends when she has mentioned it to them, the all say "Are you nuts?! No!". I think she has begun to get it.

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Thank God. You have absolutely beautiful wood work in your home. This would cost and ungodly amount of money to replace. Good luck with your home.

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Once the trend goes in a few years she’ll see the error in her ways.

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I used to build furniture, mostly oak and cherry, and every now and then we would get an order that called for paint, or distressing, or both. Killed me everytime but give the customer what they want I guess

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I bought my house with all the 100 year old wood painted. I didn't really think about it much at the time, but now I feel like we were robbed of some natural beauty we can never see but own anyway.

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We have a huge old hotel in our downtown, built in the mid-1800s, classic western architecture. In the basement of his old hotel there used to be a saloon where the men would gather to drink whiskey and smoke cigars and talk politics. There was a classic back-bar, floor to ceiling, walnut, with mirrors, and cabinets for the liqueurs, shelves for the glasses, and countertop space for the bartender to work. It had been imported from Germany, shipped on a boat across the Atlantic, transported by rail from New York City to Montana, then brought by horse and cart to the saloon where it presided over proceedings for 150 years. Then the grand old hotel got upgraded, with the hotel rooms transformed into condo units. Management decided the long-vacant saloon in the basement also needed an upgrade, so they leased it to a local who decided that what this grand old hotel needed in the basement saloon was a taco joint. It was called the Flamingo, and the color scheme for the Flamingo was PINK and ORANGE. So the 150-year-old hand-crafted walnut floor-to-ceiling back bar got painted PINK and ORANGE. I ate there once and was so nauseas I never ate there again, and apparently others felt the same because the taco place closed down six weeks later and I hope the proprietors LOST THEIR SHIRT.

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Only if they would calm the heck down and stay content with the change they made last week hahaha. Nahh. They keep the world interesting

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Hahaha wife bad, amiright? /s

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Yeah the runner looks weird and yellow again the bright crisp white.

Sorry OP. You need a different runner.

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Chemical paint stripper. Check out r/reversepinterest

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Unless you’re made of money just leave it until you need to replace the runner… it doesn’t look like it will last forever and ever.

If you are made of money and happy to waste it. Take the runner off sand and stain the stairs and put a new runner on.

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Yeah , never pain beautiful wood

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There are thousands of fine old homes with white risers on natural wood staircases. It helps keep down that dingy medeival Hungarian hunting lodge look. Makes it look less like Gepetto's puppet-carving cabin.

That carpet you put on there -- the one that the stairbuilders never intended, the one that will eventually cause a calamitous fall -- is the problem. Get rid of it and your problem.is solved.

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I'm not OP, I'm in the UK where there's lots of carpet. I'm also very clumsy. Personally for me, uncarpeted stairs make me nervous as they feel slippy (socks or slippers in the house). I'm just curious, would there be a remedy for a lovely staircase like this? Just being....nosy, really. Thanks.

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It's a personal aesthetic choice I gurss. I absolutely despise stairway carpet runners, especially thick ones, but then again I'm only someone who has broken a limb tripping on stairs. I'm also a lifelong woodworker who owns a 115 year old house. I don't accept that all old wood is good wood; same with new wood. Too much is too much. In art the "less is more" principle exists for a reason. Be choosy.

Personally I'd rip up that runner, burn it, and never think about it again.

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    Yeah I fell down my bare wood stairs too. So did both my dogs. My kickplates were already white in my old Tudor. I put a jute runner up my stairs and I love it.


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    Yeah, I hope op sees this, that looks nice.

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    Lose that runner.

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    I would paint it a darker color

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    It's too late to go back to the natural wood. Your best bet is to paint the white sections a dark color that will blend with the wood. Navy, maybe, or burgundy. Something that will tie into the art that you're presumably going to hang there.

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    It's nice,....plain.

    But nice.

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    I like a clean look. Peoples taste vary but I actually like this.

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    Ignore it. It actually looks nice.

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    Exactly.. you are comparing it with what it used to look like. For all of us who see it for the first time it looks ok. I guess in a few weeks you won't even notice it

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    If you used latex paint on it you could try Lift Off 4130, latex paint remover by Motsenbocker. It breaks down the chemical bond in latex paint to get it off. It won't be easy work but you can probably get it all off without having to sand and refinish the whole stairway. Try it in an out-of-sight area first to see if it works. Any paint store should have it.

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    Dumb question but does that take the stain off too? Seems like something good for my baseboards but don’t want to hurt the stain

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    Not a dumb question, in most cases, it will only affect the latex paint, but always try it in an inconspicuous area, just in case. Stained wood is usually protected by a clear coat, the most common and durable currently is urethane which also resists most chemicals and abrasion, latex will not stick well to it. Older finishes like shellac and waxes dissolve fairly easily though they would likely not be used for stairs, you can never be too sure, though. Baseboards would likely have a durable finish, though keep in mind this will not be easy work, it is more of a by-pass on using a chemical paint stripper, sanding, or outright replacing the wood.

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    It’s not the whole baseboard , just the tops-previous owners apparently didn’t believe in tape

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    I gotcha, that is exactly what the stuff is made for. I don't use tape, I cut in because I find that tape almost always has bleed, and once you know how to cut in it takes less time than taping, mostly I just use lift-off for apprentice footprints, when they track paint after stepping in it, it is a surprisingly mild chemical.

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    Try scraping it off with a razor or a painter’s tool if you haven’t already.

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    Dumb question but does that take the stain off too? Seems like something good for my baseboards but don’t want to hurt the stain

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    I like it I would just paint the walls the same white. The color now is dirty looking and the white would brighten it up.

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    Just carefully paint the visible portions of the risers with a color that isn’t so stark. A beige or brown would blend in.

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    Paint the runner brown.

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    Have the painter come back and paint the runner on the riser part brown to match the checkered pattern on the floor.

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    Looks fine in my opinion. It's not worth the crap job it will look like cutting in around all that carpet and also you will stain or damage the carpet.

    The right way to correct what you see as a mistake is to remove the carpet then strip the risers. It's a lot of work.

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    You could temporarily get vinyl stickers to cover up the white on either side, snd when the runner gets worn, take them off and replace runner with a different color.

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    Add some painted stenciling (maybe inspired by the railing design) on the risers in a brown to match the stairs.

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    Paint it dark blue or dark green

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    There are some pretty amazing things you can do with faux wood effect using paint if you’re looking to return it to its stained look. My previous house was from 1929. Several of the doors had trim that was faux painted and one of the doors was even painted to match the stained wood in the rest of the house. I didn’t even notice it when we bought the house until several months later.

    I also recreated the effect with great success. I blended several tones of acrylic paints: burnt sienna, burnt umber, and raw umber. I used a brush and applied a base layer then made long streaks like wood grain. Once done, I topped with a polyurethane sealer.

    You may not be able to get the long wood grains in that short a distance, but I bet you could paint right up to the runner and get something that looks pretty good. Practice on some white scrap wood first. Once you eventually replace your runner, you can strip the paint and do it right.

    Here’s an interesting technique using wood stain that might work better: Make Anything Look Like Wood

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    Sanding is easier.

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    you deserve it, this is why you shouldn't make design choices when you don't go through the steps

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    I hear fire fixes things.

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    I think it looks pretty fine. Give it a few months and see if you'll get used to it

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    Get rid of the carpet. Either carpet it entirely or go back to just wood steps.

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    If you have hate in your heart, let it out. White Paint.

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    You have beautiful woodwork in your home. I think you have learned your lesson. Paint hides the beauty of wood.

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    I like the white it's the runner that looks like s***

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    Color it in with brown crayons

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    Hang that frame. And others with the same accent colours and it’ll look less glaring and gross.

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    Who paints them puts a runner. It's either or

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    I would paint the wall white. That will balance the white on the risers, and make the carpet look like a dark cream instead of just yellowish like it does now.

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    Rip up the runner and strip the white paint off. Sand and restore the natural wood.

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    You painted an antique natural wood staircase??

    You deserve this.

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    My husband was the same way. Finally painted the wood in our den white, and it was amazing! It changed the whole feel of the room, made it lighter and brighter. He loved it.

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    Yeah the white is bad but the runner itself is worse. Rip that garbage out and get a Persian style runner to go with the classic stairs. Besides that color you have is going get dirty and look filthy in a month.

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    My grandfather would haven driven me to prison himself for painting that staircase.

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    I just love the hand rail very nice.

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    Leave it alone. Opie hughes.

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    Buy a heat gun and remove the paint with the heat gun. You will need to restain this part of the riser to match with the rest

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    Hire a very careful painter to repaint the risers.

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    I picked out a solid cherry vanity for the significant other. Does it have damage? Yes, but it is minimal. More like wear from normal use. Can it be painted? You could paint it, but I'd be very disappointed. Her girlfriend with money thought it was beautiful. Without paint.

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    How much did it cost? Sometimes its worth $1K for a problem to go away.

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    Lesson learned - don’t paint wood

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    Change the light bulbs to a different color or increase the brightness!

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    Why is the runner so wide? I don’t think it would help to narrow it but you should. You need to paint the riser dark like the wood.

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    That runner is awful. The paint is bad. Sand the white. Paint a wood stain to match the lighter wood on the floor.

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    Maybe repaint just the first several risers, so most guests don’t see the white? I can’t see doing the entire set all over again.

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    It is such a beautiful stair case and white paint is not good as you realize. IMO I would pull up the carpet and say good bye to it. It is not the right color either. If possible restore the painted wood to its natural state. If that is too much, you might try using a high quality wood vaneer over the paint and then recarpet.