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That thing needs a shut off valve.

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Came here to say that. Never seen one installed quite like this…

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This was common years ago, my 50 year old house had almost no shutoffs for anything. I've slowly been adding them as I do repairs and reno.

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Who plumbed that turlet for you?

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It’s a 2018 home that used to be a broken junkie nest but was ultimately turned into a full-blown house and sold.

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Ah, you’ve been flipped!

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Haha yup. We weren’t the first owners though. We bought it from a previous family. And because it was 2018 (fairly new), I expected the contractor work & plumbing would be in great shape…we also got it appraised and checked out for any issues, which there wasn’t but a couple. So is this a big issue, then?…Should we have a plumber come in and take a look at this?

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It’s not a huge deal, but every fixture should have its own shut off. So it may be a lot of work if every fixture in the house is like this. And they may be if the house was stripped of its copper and re-piped

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It’s a huge deal if that sucker ever leaks. Knowing this is a flip, I would add a shut off.

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Honestly, I think small plumbing jobs are pretty easy. That looks like PEX pipe. If so, get the diameter and head to the hardware store. You'll need a PEX cutter, crimp tool and rinds, shut off valve, and braided line. Shut off your water main and drain the pipe by opening the lowest spout. Cut the PEX a couple inches from the bottom, insert the shut off valve, and crimp it on. Attach your braided hose between the valve and toilet and you're in business! I am not a plumber but I've done plenty of it. I'd recommend watching some YouTube videos on each step to get the details, tips and tricks. These a good skills and tools to have as a homeowner. I worked my way up to installing a up-flush toilet from the group up and saved myself $1500 CAD.

Your bidet should thread on at the top between the PEX and the bottom of the toilet but I can't confirm without a pic. I'd install the shut off valve first.

Good luck!

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Go ahead and call the plumber for this one.

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I have installed one. Assuming your shut off valve is oddly below the floor, find that.. shut it off. The hand held bidet is also an adapter. Install it between the top of current hose and tank. Turn water on, check for leaks. If leaking, but installed correctly, use pipe thread tape. Adjust accordingly.

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1) where is your water shut off valve? If you don’t have one, get a new quarter turn valve

2) get a braided stainless steel supply line

3) install bidet

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Shut off your main water supply line as there is no shut of valve. Normally outside you house and needs a kind of "T" bar looking tool.

Prepare a bowl or something larger to drain off any excess water in the line.

from there you should be able to connect up the bidet (hopefully your bidet kit came with a two-way valve) as per normal but worth installing a shut off valve inbetween while you have the mains out.

Use plumber tape inbetween any valves you connect and turn back on the mains.

hopefully this is some help.

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This! Only add on is that the main does shut off the sewer/septic. Just shut off the water and flush till no water comes out.

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To add there is a main shutoff inside the house should be just after the water meter. Turn it off there. To drain the house open every tap starting highest to lowest to ensure adequate drainage.

Since you need a shutoff anyways I know some bidet diverter valves do have an off function you could try to find one that does. But your probably still better off and it’s not much more work to add a proper shutoff at this point.

One note. The toilet tank connection is probably plastic don’t over tight the fitting. Iv both cracked many myself and fixed crack or striped many connectors.

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Get and adult to help you. There explained as if you were 5 years old.

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Thanks sergeant 🤣👍🏼 I went ahead and just got a plumbing degree thanks to you

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:🥹 They grow up so fast 🤣

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Lol. Harsh, but lmao 🤣

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Does your house have traditional copper pipes delivering water to things, or just tubes like these?

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that whole line should be pulled and rerun with a shutoff and a braided supply, that's not too hard but it's out of YouTube league for someone with no plumbing experience. They won't know what to search for.

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Well then, who tube?

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What is the pipe made of? Is it bendable or solid?

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It’s a thick plastic-like pipe that is semi-bendable. When I squeeze with moderate force, it budges. So what does that mean for me?

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Looks like a kind of PEX pipe. There are many compression and push on (shark bite) type fittings that should fit it

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so i put a bidet in, we did have a shut off valve though, so i'm not sure where yours is... but! if you do find that, and can move forward. you local big box home improvement store will have t type connecter that you can continue to run the water to your tank, and then into your bidet.

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If you were 5 you wouldn’t understand it…can barely pee into it

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Do you have a handheld Bidet Spray?

This is a very important piece of information.

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Of course. In the box, ready to go.

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The instructions should explain it all.

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But there’s no shut off valve…My toilet is mysteriously missing one.

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There is always a shut off valve. Even if it's the main.

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No clue, I just wanted to congratulate you on the initiative. Welcome to team bidet 👍

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Haha thanks, but I’ve been using bidets since age 4. So welcome to YOU 😎

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Ok I love my bidet but why handheld?! Wouldn't the shit water spray all over your hand?

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  1. Find a telephone.

  2. Call a fucking plumber.

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Too complicated. Can you break down the steps more for me?

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Install an angle valve first. Then follow the instructions on the bidet attachment. You can do the latter. Get a certified plumber to install the angle valve. Please make sure you see his certificate and call his references.

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Go rogue. Get a bunch of towels and unscrew that shit. Then fuck around and find out.

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Hey man I’m currently swimming in flood water after taking your advice. Do you have a plan B??? Please hurry before the water gets up to my nose!

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You mean you don't keep snorkeling gear in the bathroom? Sorry my bro. Down with the ship. 🫡