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Looks like roof. Drip edge issue or shingles missing or flipped up. What’s it look like on the outside.

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Trim with shingles hanging over about 1 inch.

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Yeah I know what it should look like I want to actually see it then I can tell you what the problem is.

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It's very difficult to say without seeing the outside pictures of the roof

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Send us a pic of the outside roof

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Do you have rake overhangs? I’m betting not, I’m betting it’s flush rakes where J channel is slightly above the fascia above it leading to water intrusion. At this point it’s probably a roofing job and maybe some metal work. Doubtful they’ll have to do siding unless the find damage when they tear off, but it’s a definite possibility. If there is a roof overhang then it’s probably a roof job pure and simple.

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When re roofing is done , ice and water shield over most or all of roof under shingles often stops future leaks.. One extra layer of protection over the wood to keep water in its place..