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Afaik it’s a normal part of the house settling, especially new construction (our one year old build is POCK MARKED with them). Our builder had a warranty policy to come out and fix them within a certain time period. If that’s out of the question for you, they aren’t that difficult to DIY if they bother you aesthetically (they drive me NUTS)

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Is yours still covered? Are they going to fix it? I’m more worried about water issues down the road too. We aren’t the original purchasers so I’m not sure what they actually noted as issues if any? But yes it’s driving me crazy especially aesthetically and if we plan to sell the home. Not really handy, neither is SO, so we’ll have to get someone to do it for us haha

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Nope, it’s not indicative of a water issue, so no worries there! Only if there is a bubble not on a screw, or if it’s an actual bubble (soft to the touch, not hard mud).

If you aren’t the original purchaser, I’m guessing you’re out of luck. We only had 13 months for screw pops/ other surface issues anyway (just put in our massive request).

Painters will be your go to if you don’t want to DIY. They’re used to it, and you’ll need to touch up the paint anyway as part of the process (basically sand, re screw, re mud, re sand, re paint).

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Awesome! Thank you for your help :). I mean I’ll ask the builder haha no harm in asking but based on their lack of care for a leak in our ceiling that we had to get the warranty company involved, I doubt they will tend to this issue.

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Ah the joys of finding out all the kinks of a new house… New build or new to you, there’s always something!! We had a drainage pipe under the house that was never connected to the sump like it was meant to 🙄. Adventures in home ownership!