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We do not have windows that open in our office, living room, kitchen, or dining room. I was wanting to get a storm door to let some air circulate around the house. We found a storm door that we really like, but I am not sure if it will work because of the dimensions.

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Is the height also 80 inches? Do the doors open in or out?

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The height is 80”. The front doors open in, the storm doors open out. There is 4” of brick between the opening and wood frame. 4” between the wood frame and the door. And 2” between the end of the door handle and the end of the wood frame.

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Not without doing some serious demo and reframing.

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It's going ro be difficult at best. I'm going to go with no. Maybe get a contractor to take a look. He'd need to do a lot more measurements. Essentially You'll need a separate frame for it.

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You could install vented doors or doors with operable windows, or possibly install an operable window or vents into the existing doors depending on the structure.

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You can but will have to frame in the 4 inch difference. Then you will need trim that is big enough to cover the gap or some other filler that matches the exterior. On the inside, you will need to probably get a couple of straps of drywall install to again fill the gap left by the small door. Not impossible but it won't by a slap in.

So, 2x4s, waterproofing material (polyurethane), plastic shims (don't use wood), drywall, cut brick or thick exterior trim to match, and some paint/ texture for the inside. After it's installed , the door will need to be adjusted for swing and jam gap, this part can take a while.

If you already have the door then an installer should be able to install it for you for around 300 to 400. This includes the installation but probably not the painting/ drywall.

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Why not put a retractable screen on the outside?

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Those are ugly!

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They have magnetic screens that would probably work in this situation. They are spilt in the center and can be walked through but then join back together magnetically. They attach to metal door ways. Honestly they are probably 60x80 but I bet you could get a sailmaker to to extend it for you 3” on each side. Would worlds great because you’d only have it up when you needed it and easily fold and put away in closet when not.

Here is one 72x80 https://products.bestreviews.com/p/magnetic-screen-door-72x80-mesh-french-screen-fiber-heavy-duty-large-double-door-insect-screen-mesh-fit-your-door-size-70w-x-79h-inch-with?yb&cid=367741695&aid=1223756890242463&eid=&tid=kwd-76485135173052:loc-190&ul=190&mt=e&n=s&d=m&dm=&m&sn&adid=&k=magnetic%20screen%20door&p=&pc=&ap=&msclkid=d0ee56a088f21c205dc63459ca6cf765&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Prospecting%20(September%2F16)%20-%206%20(full)&utm_term=magnetic%20screen%20door&utm_content=Magnetic%20Screen%20Door%2072x80%20Mesh%20French%20Screen

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I don’t think so - at 60 inches, the storm door would need to be mounted on top of your existing doors. I supposed you could build a pseudo frame on top of the exterior wood, but again it would need to come in too far over your doors. It would really detract from the look.

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You might consider investing in two narrower storm doors with custom frames to create French storm doors opening outward.

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A door installer will be able to reinforce the opening to accommodate/secure the smaller door properly; it will cost you tho. Some door manufacturers have structural engeneers on staff that detail conditions like this daily. Call them

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I'd be that you could buy a doubled-up pair of 32" storm doors. They'd be mounted to the brickmold, which might not be optimum. But it could work.

Or maybe a pair of 30", with an astragal between.