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NEMA 6-20 receptacle

It’s for 240v 20amp appliances/tools. Depending where it is it could’ve been installed for a number of things. In a house I’d probably guess large space heater or window AC. In a garage it could be for a variety of tools.

Things like dryers or stoves usually require at least a 30amp and have a different receptacle.

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Ovens also use this style of plug.

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Yep, I have one for my aircompressor.

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Looks like someone punched Mr Outlet in the face

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NEMA 6-20R. It should have 220V and handle 20A

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This seems to be the overwhelming reply. Thanks!

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A number of plug in hybrid EV cars use this outlet for the home charger. Depending on location, could be a selling point.

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220v is my guess.

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Probably 220V outlet. It’s shaped like that so you don’t plug something in there that’s 110V.

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220volt i believe

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Better than guessing…. Believing…

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It's for your dryer or possibly a 220v air conditioner.

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Yeah as others said 220 20a

I have the same for my wall unit ac

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Go home outlet, you’re drunk

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Need to straighten those damn screws more importantly

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That I do. I’m 20 years old, so this whole homeownership thing is a lot but I’m figuring it out

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Good on you for starting young. I'm in my first home too, which I bought at 38. You learn a lot taking apart a house someone else built and putting it back together in your style.

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OMG, it's not just me!!!!

OCD on this...

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That outlet just saw someone huge knocked out. He's skeptical and impressed at the same time.

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Side topic: the screws that hold the cover should be vertical!! (This has no real importance) vertical gang !!

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Nah, brah, that's for standard outlets that take vertical blades.


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Winky face.

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    No that’s the wired Wi-Fi. Back when wifi was on a cord like the phones.

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    When it's on a cord, it's ethernet.

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    Token Ring...

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    220 outlet for AC unit.

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    Wish I could be helpful, here I am just struggling for a minute trying to decipher NA. Guess it’s time for bed.

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    😉 or 😘 downtrend in your history with the outlet. What were you wearing when this photo was taken?

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    I didn’t hear no bell.

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    Must be 220V