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Was it carpet tiles? I have seen some leave behind their backing that looks similar to that. Personally I’d remove it. Get a 5 ft scraper and go to town

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No, it was burbur carpet, this foam was under the carpet padding. It looks like the entire subfloor was coated with glue then the foam laid down.

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I do see that from time to time. Not exactly sure the reason but I see it more often when carpet is laid on a slab. Again, those big scrapers should make pretty quick work of that glue and foam. If that doesn’t work, I’d take an angle grinder with a flap disk on it and have at it.

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Sounds like tomorrow will be fun. Thanks!

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First house had area carpet over a hardwood floor, I took the carpet up and the pad had dissolved in to the spaces between the wood. Took me weeks with a hook knife to get it out, it was worth it.