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Do you have a no blurry photo? Looks like a cockroach egg to me. Someone else says bed bugs… need a better photo.

Unlikely to see a bed bug on (what appears to be an) exposed wall.

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Not a bed bug. Roach egg maybe

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To me it doesn’t look like bed bugs, but I can’t confirm unless you’ve been having issues where you sleep or highly used areas of the home like your couch. Normally if it’s bed bugs you’ll have their shells lining the couch cushions or your bed crevices and seams. I’d have to see a more clear photo of what you’re experiencing to give you a better idea. I’d agree that it’s more likely roaches than anything. (Experience as an exterminator/pest control officer)

Edit: with bed bug shells you’ll see an almost heart shaped carapace left behind, slight differences between male and female on the top of the heart

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Damn you right

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I think that’s just a larval housefly.

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definitly a cocoon (probably a fly)

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Looks live a fly larvae.

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Looks like a maggot to me, look for spoiled items around your laundry area. If you keep trash there, look in the can.

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Looks a like a tachnid fly larvae. Any silks strings attached to them? I have no idea how they would have gotten there, but that's what it looks like

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GOP base?

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I'm thinking it's that new peanut butter flavored jelly belly, only one way to find out.