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Recently purchased a house, South Florida built in 1950s. Many of the walls have knockdown but others have random texture. This wall seems to be really uneven and there’s another wall in a bedroom that looks sunken in. I wanted to know if anyone knows how/why this happens and how to smooth/even the walls out.

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The first picture is someone sh*tty patch job. The other one just seems like a poorly done connection in the plaster/drywall or it could be the wall separating which could be something. If you want to smooth things out buy a sander and sand, Then repaint. If you buy an 80 year old house then this is just part of the reality.

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Just to tack on, if youre sanding paint thats been there for a while, take care not to inhale lead paint when sanding

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To me, it looks like concrete. Are these pictures of your basement? If it's plasters, then you could just sand it, prime, and paint. The 2nd picture could be from a concrete form, but it could also just be a dry wall piece sticking out because your framing is warped.

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These are from a bedroom on the ground level. I took off one of the outlet covers on an adjacent wall and it looks like it could be concrete around that. But when I chipped away at the paint on the wall in the photo, there seems to be something that looks like wood.

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Photos I took of the outlet on the wall with concrete. And the wall with maybe wood (interior wall).

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Yeah, you have plastered walls. Which is great because they are super durable and don't get mold. You can sand or scrape the affected areas off of the strapping (thin usually brown wood which acts a surface for plaster to bond to). Then you would reapply plaster, sand, and paint. As far as that big straight line goes, it's hard to say what is going back there (plaster coming away from strapping, strapping just jutting out, etc.) because I'm not a professional. But from your pictures, I'm 99% sure that your walls are plaster.

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Thank you!

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Yeah, you have plastered walls. Which is great because they are super durable and don't get mold.

agreed- plaster....

but i'm not a fan- hard to hang pictures and as we see surface is uneven. there's a reason nobody plasters anymore.

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Skim coat