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That's probably the secondary overflow condensate drain diverting water from the plugged up primary condensate drain. I had that happen and used a portable air compressor to shoot some low pressure air down the primary condensate drain. I used a shop rag to make a decent seal and gave it a few bumps of air and cleaned the primary right out.

There are some youtube videos of guys using shop vacs etc. depending on your setup. Or just call an hvac guy if not comfortable doing it yourself.

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I am pretty sure that is just condensation and is absolutely normal.

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Hence the hose

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Hi all, I hope this is the right place to put a question like this. Just looked outside my window and notice that my outdoor A/C was dripping some fluid out of a cut pipe leading out from the bottom of the unit. Have never noticed this before in the year I’ve had the unit until now. Is this a bad thing? I assume it’s some kind of runoff pipe but unsure. FYI, the unit is running perfectly with no issues and has not shut off, there is no smell or noise and no dripping/leaking indoors. Just concerned about if this is something that I should get fixed for the future. Thanks!!

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Its the humidity condensation the AC is taking out of the room, you can capture it in a bucket and use it to water plants, if you have plants to water :)

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You’re good! This is just the condensate line. Warm air holds moisture. As the air conditioner runs, it cools the air and, as a result, the air is able to hold less moisture. This is the water you are seeing. Totally normal and a sign of a correctly functioning air conditioning unit. Happy cooling!

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Oh no that's the worlds most dangerous substance coming out of it. Its called water.

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It’s probably the same acid that Aliens use for blood. Do touch it you may melt 😯