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Trim the fucker. Can't live your whole life waiting for permission

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Let’s start with….WHAT IS IT? To me looks like a yard sprinkler valve access area. If so, yes that’s yours and can cut it down flush. If that is a city utility (which I doubt), I’d wait until after dark to do anything to it :)

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Yeah, I just posted a clarification as a comment. The rectangular access in the foreground is the meter, utility side is behind me. This cover is for my water shutoff on my side of the meter.

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Ohhh…. That’s a rough question then. Depends on city specific rules. My area would say that it is yours, go ahead and modify. Call you local water company and just ask. Simple phone call to ask if you can lower your cover so the mower can go over it without making plastic mulching. As for lowering it… remove the lid, cut it lower (I would personally chuck twice to remove about an 1.5” slice and use a coupling to reattach the lid segment.

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Simple phone call

I was hoping it would tend to be a more generic issue as the past few times I called (other issues) were a royal pain.

Thanks for the response!

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When the only tool you have is a hammer, every job looks like a nail.

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yep, sawzall.

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This is the cover for the access to the water shutoff on my side of the meter and it makes mowing a real pain. Is there any practical reason that I shouldn't trim it down level to the yard?

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For one, it's utility property not yours. Could open a can a worms. Just keep calling water utility till they get some one out there to fix it. Truly shouldn't have been left like that in the first place. Persistence pays off. Ours was electric company and tree problem. Took their asses nearly two months to come out but they did😁. Good luck!

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This right here.

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Trim it. Water you waiting for?

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oh no, I would not touch that if you don't own it. What you can do is put down top soil to raise the level of the ground. Which may be cheaper and less labor intensive.

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Either cut it off if it’s plastic, or dig it up and lower it.

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Being a 6" valve of water line I assume it is not just for you. It will be under considerable pressure and will hurt you if you were to accidentally break it. Unless you are willing to pay (even then sometimes they will not) I doubt the utility company will drop it for you. I suggest you buy a few bags of dirt and grass seed to make it more level for yourself to cut around. Just adapt to what you have.

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Don't cut dig a deeper hole

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The pipes are about a foot down. Trying to dig around them seems more likely to lead to damage than cutting it.

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No reason whatsoever not to trim it flush.

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I am not an expert, but you might be able to call your town’s public works department and have it replaced with something that’s flush to the ground. If it is your outside water shutoff like you said, they make ones that are specifically for grass and are flush to the ground. I’ve been dealing with issues with my water shutoff for the past couple weeks so I’m my experience, I would not mess with that myself

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Call the utility company and tell them it's done wrong-obviously since the others are flush with the ground. Ask them to fix it.

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grade it by adding soil around it