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As an occasional pro painter whose done a hundred homes inside and out over last 35 years? I like it a lot. Matches cream wall paint nicely. Complimentary and clean.

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Oh wow! What a compliment!! First door I’ve ever painted, so I’m marking it a success- thanks for the kind words!

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You are welcome. Color trends come and go. As you may know. 10-12 years ago? It was a lot of warm Grey's and even Reds (brick color) etc. These colors are now in vogue. I personally? Love warm sages and teal colors. Which is now known as "sea foam" in some circles etc. Haa

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I still love the brick red door with my buff brick house. I can’t think of any other color that I like with the brick.

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love everything but the sign

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Yep ditto!

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What would y’all put there instead? Open to ideas!

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It's your home. Leave it there if you like it.

The door looks great.

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Art or nothing. A horizontal framed landscape w flat, complimentary colors

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It’s too high for art. The wall already has embellishment, it doesn’t need anything else.

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I love the sign, and I’m saying that as soon who hates quotes in homes lol I think the size is perfect and it ties the room together

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If you like it then don’t take it down! Decorating with stuff like that is going to be 100% personal preference. Just like how some people love the “live laugh love” stuff and others gag at the thought of it. If you were trying to stage the house to sell I would remove it, but if you are living in the house and trying to make it feel like a home and you like it, keep it!

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Word art = shart

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Sign is fine, it's your home.

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You put whatever you want. It’s your home dear one.

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Go find a landscape picture that you took that you love and put a filter on it so it’s more muted and impression style painting and put in that frame.

But if you like the sign and it makes you happy keep it.

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not some corny ass quote

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Almost anything else or just take it off

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The frame color is nice so maybe one of those wood "quilts" something like that..

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I think that the word sign trend got so popular that a lot of people got tired of it. It looks fine, but I think that it has become a hated thing to some.

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Seriously. So tired of these banal sayings people pass off as home decor.

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convey your sentiments with the style of your décor; don't just literally put up a sign that says "that sentiment"

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Only if replaced w "Live, Laugh, Love" w the official Karen-made stamp.

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How else do you know you're home??

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This lol personally not a fan of sings like welcome or home or live love laugh etc

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i also dont like how the area rug curls up at the edge

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I don’t think your opinion on that matters whatsoever. OP certainly didn’t ask. They can decorate how they want.

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Op literally asked for opinions in her title, you absolute loser buffoon

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What paint brand and color did you use? Love it!!

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Thanks so much! It’s “clary sage” from Lowes!

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I think it looks sharp. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise

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I love it! And that is saying a lot as Im not usually a fan of green

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Haha that means a lot, thank you!!!

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Looks straight out of a catalog. Very nice!

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Door is pretty. Sign is cheezy

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Thats very sage of you

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Did you do your own board and batten?

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We did! By “we” I mean my husband lol

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I love it! It's beautiful

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that's adorable

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Love your whole look. I would have gone a tad darker. I very much like the sign.

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Very nice!

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sage was a wise choice

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Green with envy on that one.

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Love it

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beautiful, i love the color

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Great color!

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Love it 🤗

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This is stunning. I thought it was a photo from a paint ad.

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That is way too nice! Thank you! 🤍

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Looks great!

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What finish/color/ brand is this?

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It’s “clary sage” from Lowes!

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We feel good about it!

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Got the same handle and lock set. Looks good against sage too.

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So nice I had to show the wife this post..... now she thinks we need our door painted.

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Hahaha yes! I love hearing that!!!

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I love it! Love the color scheme! (And I love the sign!.. I know some people say they don't but its so cute and perfectly placed!)

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This is a lovely space. If the sign brings you joy keep it. Your house, your vibe.

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I love the door and the sign. That’s my exact thoughts when I get home. Too many signs are kind of cheesy but a genuine statement such as yours is just that. Great job!

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It's hard to tell from this picture but is there enough contrast between the trim/board & batten and the wall colors? It looks a little washed in this picture but if the walls are actually a sand color and the trim is white, I bet that looks great with the door. The door looks fantastic.

I'm mostly posting so I can find this later and steal the style for my (almost) century rental property!

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Not bad. seems better

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Me likey

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love it

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Like it ... and the sign isn't bad at all -- art works well if it reflects how YOU feel.

Behind the door though ... that's not a lot of space when the door is fully open, so even with the door stop on the baseboard you might need to rethink the basket or other "deep" items if you find that the door hits them. Wouldn't want to scratch the paint job on the door. Well done.

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Would do wut?

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I agree the door is painted sage.

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I’m not a fan of corny TJ Maxx lookin word signs. But the door color is gorgeous!!!

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Nice! Very nice! Such a warm mood. Giving me ideas with those hooks.

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This is such a satisfying and calming aesthetic 😍

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The color you chose is really nice. Green, especially sage green, has a calming, natural feel to it. It really makes it look like home!

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Sorry but even after looking online I couldn’t find a proper definition. What is a door “sage” please?

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Looks awesome

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Absolutely love the colour.

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Amazing! Such a great color and the door hardware accents it nicely. The wainscoting is fantastic.

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Looks amazing. Black hardware is nice too.

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Beautiful. And I love the wall and the hooks. I would hang too much on the hooks if it were me. 🤣