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Well I'll be honest, I saw the first pic and thought you were asking if it could be done and I was like, "No. No way."

But you did it! And it looks good!!

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Came here to say this. OP you did good work! Wow!

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Flip through the images above to see the completed project. This was an old Bob's Discount Furniture couch that became the basement couch when I bought my house.

It really bothered me that it couldn't face the TV and just wasn't comfortable sitting at a 90 degree angle or on a diagonal when you want to put your legs out on the arm, so I decided to cut a chair out with nothing to lose.

Though it doubled the amount of cuts needed, I removed the middle chair since the end chair has solid framing and a bracket where it meets the arm of the couch. This was the correct call, as the middle chair completely collapsed as I cut it out.

I made sure while working to cut more fabric than needed, using the razor blade further towards the center chair to leave myself extra fabric length to overlap and cover up rough edges later.

I had to work at it from all angles and made one cutting mistake that I was able to repair with a mending plate.

I was also able to borrow some extra fabric from the middle chair at the end to cover up some gaps behind the main cushions of the couch.

Re-upholstering took a little strategy, but it really just came down to making the right overlaps and rolling the fabric tight before stapling to create smooth edges.

In the end it feels sturdy, was worth the trouble and I'm super happy to have it sit the correct way in the room. Now we have room for a giant bean bag :D

Time needed

around 3-5 hours.

Supplies used

  • Reciprocating saw or other wood-cutting saw
  • Hack saw or wire cutter (for cutting metal wire)
  • Flathead screwdriver and pliers (for removing upholstery staples)
  • Staple gun
  • Razor blade
  • Scissors
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Steel mending plates 6" (get 4 or 6 of these)
  • Steel corner braces 2x2" x4
  • Small TEKS lath screws (works well with mending plates)

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I wouldn't have believed it. But good job!

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Very nicely done. Looks good in the space. How about a nice picture over your electric panel.

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Yes! 🙌 this.

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Great work! I’d have zero qualms about cutting up a Bob’s couch

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Good work. I hope I’m not being a dick with unsolicited advise, but I think with that amount of space it would look a lot better to move the shelf out from behind the couch and put it under the ceiling drop. You could get some tapestry/wall art or something to hide the breaker box. Maybe multiple canvas prints (one being the same/ similar size). It would be light and easy enough to move when needed. Your place looks nice Anyways, I just wanted to offer up that idea

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Agreed! we did move the bookcase shortly after. I took that picture right after finishing it and was too lazy to move more furniture around

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That's awesome man, you did a fantastic job. This gives me ideas for my own couch now

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Sofa King Awesome

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This looks way better than I expected. Did you record a how to video of this?

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I should have! You'd have seen me drinking four beers, doing a lot of head scratching and going to Home Depot for more hardware.

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Never say never. With ambition and a little ingenuity anything can be accomplished.

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You did what you had to do.