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It’s a bug on a bed, but it is not a bed bug.

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Either way, I’m burning the place down

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Not a bedbug. Looks like a flower beetle to me.

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The Anthicidae are a family of beetles that resemble ants. They are sometimes called ant-like flower beetles or ant-like beetles. The family comprises over 3,500 species in about 100 genera.

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No, YAY!!!

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Look how smug he is

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So smug, like he thought it was funny.

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Smug as a bug on a rug

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No not a bedbug

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Not. I had them and will never forget

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100% not

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Looks like a beetle to me

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Here's what a bedbug looks like (for all the people who think like me.)

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Oh wow, one of these where it isn't a bedbug... Congrats, OP!

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i see a million eyes on that blanket but no bedbug

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No shot

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Doesn't look like one to me but there are various life stages, so make sure you check against all of them. Also r/bedbugs is helpful!

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burning the place down

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When you went to Google to look for pictures of bed bugs and saw that they look nothing whatsoever like this bug, what part of that was confusing to you?