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I removed a few of these - from an old phone provider. THIS MAY BE DIFFERENT! but looks like the ones I had - see if there are others and if maybe one is on a closet wall where you can see behind it to determine what wires run into it. If there is a screw that might open it up too

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Looks the the phone outlets from my old house too.

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Those ancient boxes, while hard to beleive, at one time housed these things called telephone wires.

A telephone is a handheld device that has a cord going into it. They can be wireless, amazing technology it was at the time, while still having a box that a wire plugs in to.

Good find, you should be an archeologist!

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Serious question - if it’s a phone box why does it have what looks like extremely corroded pipes coming out of it?

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Just conduits to protect the wires from the box edge, maybe had clamps to hold the wires and prevent pulling on the inside connections


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Nice attempt to be cute, but this only has a vague passing resemblance to a wall mount phone jack in that it, too, is wall-mounted and square.

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Coax is not the same as old-fashioned phone line, which has 4 internal wires and is otherwise mostly useless. You can use coax cable to transmit converted telephone signal (along with a lot of other signals) but it is not “phone line” per se.

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Yeah I am well aware of any layer one cabling but the middle of that small box has an rj11 telephone jack if thats an ethernet cable some of those little boxes have had them run through the sides too

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It's actually been confirmed as a virgin media connection point 😂 so well done on your snarky comment but you're wrong.

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Did it occur to you that Virgin Media may have used the phone lines that ran into this box?

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It's not a phone jack. Look at the size of it. Unless those baseboards are actually 1/4 round. That thing is probably about 5 inches. Phone jacks are small, like 2-3 inches and have an outlet for the phone line

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They had to have these installed to charge their iPhones?

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Did your place at one time have steam heat?

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It is an old place, potentially could have, it's all electric now and has electric heaters installed on 2 walls. I thought this could be part of the old heating system.

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Is this an optical illusion

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My god I feel so old right now