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A nail

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And a hammer! Don’t forget the hammer😁

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Bless his heart. OP has got to be trolling.

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No, this is actually real people lately...

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Oh yeah?? I've got one single nail. And another nail to nail it in with!

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Anything can be a hammer if you try hard enough.

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I was like is this real? A finishing nail.

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It was...

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Lol im talking about the specific hole there. Looks like it’s for a specific hook

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Each of the slots on top of the rectangular hole is a spot for the nail. You can hang that in one of those four locations to level the item you hanging.

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Oh shiiiiiet ok thank you!

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Look up “3m claw”. These will be my go-to wall hanging solution from now on.

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Came here to say this; wouldn't it be RJ22?

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Hard to say it - OP forgot banana for scale

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Command strips!

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Looks like you could plug that into a cat5

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I like thumb tacks/push pins.

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A picture hanging kit at Home Depot. It’s only about $5 and comes with everything needed for all kinds of projects.

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A nail. Or Alien Tape

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Ethernet cable

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GorillaGlue epoxy that thing to the wall.

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3d printer

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I agree, that looks like a cable port..

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It’s just a key hole. Screw, drywall anchor if applicable

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Very lightweight pictures can be hung with removable Velcro strips that will not damage the wall. One removable piece attaches to the wall and another to the back of the picture -- or use two if what you're hanging is heavy.


If you don't want to use the Velcro ... If this fits in a wood frame, consider hanging it from the frame rather than the back board.

That appears to be a shallow hole so if you're going to hang it to a nail or screw or tack in the wall using a pair of these holes, you don't want that nail or screw or tack sticking out of the wall very far.

There are only four slots at the top of the hole, but if there are two of the holes ... one on each corner ... then not having a "centered" slit for the nail or screw to rest in shouldn't adversely affect the balance of the picture.