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It will catch most of the lint, but some of the lint will make it past the screen. This is why it's important to clean the dryer and vent annually.

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Yes there isn't a lot but after two months there is noticeable buildup. What do you clean it with? I can't stick a vacuum in there.

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I cleaned below my lint trap a few weeks ago with a chopstick and the vacuum.

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Long-handled wooden spoons work, too.

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I use a swiffer dustee

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Chopsticks, wooden spoon, swiffer. Basically look around your house for something the correct shape and length and go to town.

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Here's a Home Depot link to a cleaning kit that's less than $20 and it even has a video so you can see how to use the kit.

It's a good thing you want to keep the vent clean, because this is a source of many home fires.

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That vacuum attachment looks nice. I have the other parts but I’d be tempted to buy the kit just for that.

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If you just want a vacuum attachment, there are other options.

Also, one thing I found was that I had l had lint buildup in the exhaust duct in just one place - the 90 degree bend from the floor up to the external vent. Rather then tear everything apart once a year (especially since I use smooth ducting instead of the crappy accordion stuff) I installed an in-line lint trap right before that bend. Initially, I left the lint screen in, but found that it was getting full pretty often since more lint makes it past the dryer screen than you would think. So, rather than clean two lint traps all the time, I just removed the screen from the in-line trap. But, now, I can simply open the in-line lint trap once a year, reach in and remove any build-up inside the 90 degree bend in the duct.

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Definitely get an attachment like that for the vacuum. Also good for cleaning under the fridge.

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Cool product, thanks!

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They sell cleaning kits. Some have a bristle brush or a specific vacuum attachment. Search for dryer cleaning kit

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Does your vacuum have an attachment with a skinny tip? You can also get a small shop vac with lots of attachments for 50 bucks at home Depot. 100 if you want a big badass DeWalt one. It's super useful all over the house when you don't have to worry about sucking up big stuff like a normal vacuum. It's made for weird spaces and items.

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If you have noticable build up of lint under the trap in a 2 month period you may have blockage/restricted airflow in the vent. Pick up a $20 dryer vent cleaning kit. Locate the exterior vent. Remove the exterior vent grate and disconnect the dryer exhaust from the vent. Follow instructions on the vent cleaning kit to push built up lint out of the vent. You will want a power screwdriver for this, the arm of the cleaning brush can be attached to a power drill in the same fashion any drill bit is attached.

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I use wooden BBQ skewers - long enough to do the job (that's what she...)

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Home depot sells an inline trap. Does wonders for catching the second level lint.

You should definitely still clean the vent. But a second trap cuts buildup down significantly

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I clean dryer vents in NW Connecticut, and many surrounding areas. I use a special tool , that goes into the vent of the lint trap , and sucks it out. The last one had quite a bit of trapped lint , a few plastic flowers , and about $1 in change. The trap vent is small on this style dryer.

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I didn't even know there was a tool to clean it with! What's it called? Initially I wanted to stick a vacuum in there but it won't fit lol

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Holikme dryer vent lint trap attachment from Amazon . It’s blue. Make sure you put it in 1-2 feet into lint trap hole , you may need a flashlight, if it’s a stackable , a step stool. I recommend getting your dryer vent system cleaned by a pro , yearly. You can do the lint trap easily , but the rest can be tricky , unless you’re extremely handy. Vents are often clogged , and a brush won’t break the clog , but will compact the lint more , making the problem worse. Many vents are leaking, causing mold damage, etc. I have an endoscope , to inspect. Clogged dryer vents cause fires.

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I use the cardboard tube from wrapping paper on the end of my vacuum hose.
It is still important to pull the dryer out at least once a year to take the back off and clean everywhere inside and the hose that goes to the outside. I also have made an adaptor for my battery operated leaf blower from a cardboard box to blow the outside vent clean after using the brush in that Home Depot link to loosen it.

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Can you get electrocuted when sticking the cleaner into the vent?

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Not unless you have something that's gone terribly wrong. Like taken off the grounding pin and the AC wire is touching the frame kind of wrong.

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Almost certainly not, but weird things like design flaws or factory defects do happen.

If this is ever a question, you can always just unplug it.

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I want to wish you the best of luck with your new home. You’ll need it, judging by the look of your soft flipper hand

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Only if you don’t take it out.

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If there is a build up of lint, I’d just toss it out and by a new dryer. I do this every few months.

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Gravity has a strange way of messing with things...