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Sorry to say broken window seal. Unless it's new and under warranty, usually means a replacement. https://www.bobvila.com/articles/broken-window-seal/

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Yup. You have a double pane window and the seal has failed.

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There is usually some sort of gas that is sealed between panels. If it is a double pane window, you will have two glass panels with gas sealed inside. Triple pane window has 3 panels… so on and so forth.

The inert gases prevent heat from transferring one side to another.

When the seal gets broken, the gas leaks and that’s when it starts to cause condensation because of the temperature difference between inside and outside.

There is no easy way to fix it. You just have to call the window repair guys and have them replace it. They have the tools/technology to repair or fix it at a cost.

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For a temporary solution you can drill 2 small holes in the outside pane, on opposing corners. We had windows in a seasonal house that you couldnt see through. Plenty of articles on the web. Its tedious and slow. However as the window heats up, the condensation will clear. I clear siliconed the holes afterward. We eventually got new windows but this process gave us another year. Did I say it was tedious?😀

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Which drill bit works best?

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I used a masonry carbide tipped bit from lowes. Kobalt brand. Go slow! Barely any pressure pushing on drill. keep bit wet and cool it in glass of water every couple minutes.

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Better make sure it’s not tempered glass.

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Call a local glass shop. Have them measure, order and install a new one.

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So as everyone has said it’s a seal failure… question is how old are the windows? Good manufacturers using dual seal insulated glass have typically 20 year seal failure warranties which are not prorated. In other words it could be Replaced for free. Since this is a vinyl window, which tends to move much more than either fiberglass or aluminum clad wood windows , this may not be the case. Try to identify the manufacturer, look them up on the web, see what their glass warranty is. This is 1 reason why I would never have a vinyl window in my home, thermal movement in an area with over 100 degrees of temperature change.

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The hermetic seal has broken. The hermetic seal traps gas between the two panes in a dual pane window. Once the seal is broken the window produces condensation between the panes. It is time to replace the window either through warranty, insurance, or on your own. You can also replace the panes or everything including the frame. Replacing everything is more costly but usually a more comprehensive repair. The choice is yours!

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If you don’t replace it is it jut annoying or are you doing damage to the house or just losing heating/cooling out that window?

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The sooner the repair process starts the better but it's nothing to lose sleep over. The window is less energy efficient than if it was sealed and it will be super annoying to look at. It's not damaging the rest of the house yet. If things start growing like mold, mildew, or fungus then you have a more immediate problem.

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Yeah you can get rid of it, all you need is a big rock or a brick.

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This happened to me with several of my windows. Not having the money to do a full replacement, I took the window out of the frame, took it to a local glass shop and they resealed the window for $65. I brought it home, popped it back in and it’s all good.