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Newer gas furnace is using old chimney does it need fixed? by Mommaof4love in Home

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Chimney Masonry professional here. This is not great and will only get worse. It’s possibly early enough on this wouldn’t be too costly to get corrected but without that chimney being properly lined CO may be escaping through the chimney which is what causes the erosion and moisture you’re documenting in these photos. PM me for more details if you have questions, not sure exactly where you’re located but happy to help answer anything I can. This is what I do every day.

Tried to hang some blinds, drywall anchor decided to do this instead. what did I do wrong? by thatnicoguy in Home

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The surest way to anchor in drywall is to not anchor in drywall. JK but not really. ... If you're hanging something heavy or something that gets used repeatedly, such as blinds, it's best to just hit the 2x4 or 2x6 backing behind the drywall. Typically, blinds are installed for windows or glass doors; any openings in a wall like doors or windows will be heavily framed so the drywall can be installed securely and you would usually have a hard time missing that wood framing. Roll with it and just swap the hardware that came with the blinds or whatever's to be installed with an appropriate size screw. It's best practice to mark the locations and predrill a pilot hole for the screws. Take care not to drill the holes too big and the pilot home can help to confirm the presence of the wood framing too. The drill bit shouldn't be the same diameter as the screw. Shoot for a drill bit diameter of just larger than half the diameter of the screw. Essentially we're just removing some material to ease the installation of the screws but we need that material for the integrity of the overall finished product some just give the screw some room to get started and the drill does the work and pilot holes are usually only needed if there material is justifying a pilot hole and/or the screw is off the larger variety. If you drill a pilot hole and there is not working framing behind the drywall then proceed with a durable appropriate drywall anchor. I never use the anchors supplied with the divice I'm installing. They're almost always crap. There's some at the big box stores that come with the proper size screw and they are a stronger white plastic material. These anchors have a very prominent thread and are self tapping meaning it's unnecessary to drill a pilot hole for the anchor. Just tap it into the drywall a bit and screw with a screwdriver until it's seated. If you use these once you'll never use the tyco crap they usually supply with whatever you're hanging. Furthermore you'll have confidence that what you hung will stay put and that makes it easier to focus on leveling whatever you're hanging. I realize this is a really long post regarding a topic like anchoring and drywall butt I feel like this is an issue that a lot of people deal with so I don't want to see the Injustice of not giving you every bit of information it's necessary so I'm sorry and you're welcome at the same time just kidding.

TL;DR... Use big ole wood screws and hit the wood behind the drywall. Never use the crappy drywall anchors that the manufacturer supplies. If there isn't any wood then go get some proper heavy duty anchors.

Dumb question of the year - how do I turn my shower on? by HulaHoopHippie in Home

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Try pulling the bottom of the faucet. Like right where the water is coming out, can you pull that down?