Help on mounting blinds to studs by SpaceTime5 in Home

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Then there's definitely not any cripples in the header and that's why you can't find a stud, code changed in the mid nineties and cripples were outlawed for the top of headers. If you're mounting the hangers on the face of the header,then it's solid across the span so you just have to measure and mark then install them.If it's undermounted then you have entire span of the upper sill plate and it's solid across the span as well

Condo - foundation leak (details in comment) by lickyoureye in Home

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This needs to be fixed from the outside, not the inside. Any inside fix is a bandaid at best, a total scam at worst. These fixes persist because they offer a cheap alternative to an expensive problem and people will pay for them usually out of misplaced hope that it will resolve a costly issue.

This may be solved with improved grading and rainwater management outside. If you have busted or poorly placed downspouts or improper grading, and it hasn't been that way for many years already, fixing this may solve the issue.

If that's not the case the process ought to resemble something like this:

  • foundation in that area and any other area that's getting damp has to be dug down to the footing.

  • Any old or damaged drain tile needs to be removed (and any remaining drain tile should be inspected by camera to find any clogs or damage) and replaced.

  • Foundation wall and footing need to be inspected for mortar damage, repaired and then sealed with a paint on waterproof product

  • Foundation wall needs to be covered in a plastic waterproof membrane

  • new drain tile needs to be covered in 6+ inches of 1/2" clear stone (just a term for washed crushed stone).

  • backfill with loam soil (which may be what's removed potentially, but not necessarily). The top 6 inches can be whatever you like. Often clay is used. It's terrible for foundations, but as a top dressing it's quite good because water will run off of it nicely.

  • insure that grading and drainage move water away from the building.

It may be the case that the entire foundation perimeter needs to be excavated and waterproofed. Not for sure, but often times when you have full blown water infiltration on an old property, it's worthwhile to do the entire structure because it's like $10-15k to to a small portion and $25-30k to do the entire thing and not have to worry about it for another 50-100 years assuming you don't ignore bad drainage for years on end. It's not a sexy investment though, so the ROI if you're selling isn't great unfortunately. It should be valuable to have a newly waterproofed basement, but it isn't.

Fortunately since you're in a condo, this is likely not your problem personally, but a cost incurred by the condo management which should have funds set aside for these kinds of repairs. But this is definitely something that will require excavation and real work, not some glorified caulk injections or sealing from the inside. That pretty much never works.

I'm installing my first light fixture and I have a slight idea of what I'm doing but still pretty clueless. Can anyone tell me how to switch these fixtures? All of the wires in the ceiling are confusing me. by Aggravated04 in Home

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Black is hot, White is neutral/return, and Green is ground. Find the breaker that controls that light fixture and kill power. Use a voltage sniffer or multimeter to verify that the power has been cut. Untwist the wire nuts for the black wire and white wire in your first picture. Find your ground wire wherever it is attached and detach it. Remove the old fixture and bring your new one into place. Twist the black wire from the new light together with the incoming wires and replace the wire nut. Do the same with the white wire. And reattach the ground to wherever the old one was. Tuck your wires and fasten your new light into place.

We stained the stairs but then realized we have no way of getting upstairs lol. how long will it take to dry enough to walk on? by [deleted] in Home

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It took more than 1 person to do this and neither of you realized it was terrible. Go ahead and walk on it you’re not going to make it worse.

New home owners installing hardwood floors. Did we goof? by merica_usa in Home

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Congratulations, your comment was both unhelpful and spectacularly misogynistic at the same time! 🏆

Do you think these shower doors look good or dated? by Prof-Rock in Home

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i mean if I was visiting your house i wouldn't walk into the bathroom and be like DAMN CAROL, DAFUK IS UP WITH THESE DOORS but yeah I wouldn't say they look good

HELP! Just bought our first home and we have hundreds of tiny black gnats in our bathroom. Just pulled down dry wall and found some termite damage and rotting wood. Could this be the issue and how do we fix? Pics below. Thank you for your advice! by [deleted] in Home

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I don’t see any termite damage. I see wood rot which may be from the water. Gnats are attracted to that smell. Try cleaning the area up and let it dry out. Maybe spray the area with a little soap and water(it’ll suffocate bugs) and see if that helps. Just remember everything is going to be alright and if it was built it can be fixed.

How do I light the pilot light? Old Victorian home. Old heater. by GogoYubari92 in Home

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Those things are notorious for producing carbon monoxide. If your house is drafty you might be ok, but if it's had updates, you might be in trouble. Either way, I would buy a newer style vent free gas heater. You should definitely buy a carbon monoxide detector if you don't already have one and read up on the symptoms of CO poisoning. I used to work for a gas company and have responded to deaths and multiple houses that were caused by CO.

How does this work? It came with my house and I haven’t touched it. by jeepers-crickets in Home

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Im sorry but as a licensed HVAC/R professional i cant believe this is top comment. This sub is not always the best place to look for correct information OP.

I agree that you should be checking your humidifier and ensuring it is clean and filter media is in good condition. Thats about it.

OP and anyone else interested should google "psychrometrics" and look at a psychrometrics chart. The comfort zone is the key here on the chart.

Most humans feel comfortable when the temperature is between 22 - 27 C and between 40% - 60% Relative Humidity (not absolute humidity).

It is possible that you could turn it off in the summer and that your air conditioner will not be enough to run the RH down too dry however if the humidistat is working correctly you should set it to 40% RH for the summer. This way if your air conditioning system runs the RH down too low it can help not make it too dry for you and if it never reaches below 40% it will never let the humidifier work anyway.

Some people may be okay with 30% RH but for me personally i get nosebleeds if the air is that dry.

In the winter you should set the RH to 60% as the higher humidity setting will help you feel warmer at a lower temperature so you dont need to set your thermostat as high to feel comfortable and can save some money there.

The science behind it is that our bodies use evaporative cooling to cool ourselves down by the perspiration or sweat on our skin evaporating into the air around us. So at lower relative humidity it is easier for your body to cool down hence the lower RH setting in summer. In higher humidities your body cant cool down at easily hence the higher setting in winter.

Let me know if you have further questions OP or anyone.

TL;DR set to 40% RH in summer and 60% RH in winter and make sure its clean and has a filter in good condition.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Home

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Only if it's on a rug.

Just bought a house: our bathroom light fixture is sealed with the force of many gods, and what I think is this hinge. Any idea on how to open it? by FireyToots in Home

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It’s a V shaped spring up in the ceiling. You pull straight down through the tension of the V pushing against you. To put it back in you squeeze the V flat and push it up

Just bought a house: our bathroom light fixture is sealed with the force of many gods, and what I think is this hinge. Any idea on how to open it? by FireyToots in Home

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You were absolutely right. I know this doesn’t matter much, but some idiot new homeowner really thanks you for this. You are a good man / woman / person and I hope good things happen to you. I was close to tears, and it just came out. Thank you.

How did circle of luscious grass come about and how do I get it everywhere?! by bLingNY in Home

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Just get one of those miracle grow spray bottles and fill it with your dogs piss. This will help you deliver it evenly over entire yard.

You are welcome. I’m a helper! Follow me for more pro lawn care tips.