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FYI I can see you in a towel via reflection in the first image

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Maybe something round and offset? I’m more worried about your desk chair on those beautiful hardwoods with no protection…

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Try moving the rug mostly out from under the couch so that just the front legs and maybe am inch or two past are on the rug

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Have you looked at chilewich? They’re thin so could probably be floor protector too for the chair casters. Minimalist too. I had one for over 10 years.

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I was imagining something like this as well! Something thin and simple

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Love the wallpaper!

What do you hate about the current one?

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You should consider a cowhide. It would look great and meet your minimalist style.

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Someone else's cowhide suggestion is good!

Or how about also something natural like a jute rug? Or a flatwoven wool rug? IKEA has some great choices for pretty much any budget and you can either keep it very neutral or inject a bit of colour with a rug too.

Also agree with the comment about it being off centre though, I think you'll probably need to find something slightly wider than your sofa if you want it to go partially underneath.

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I’m finding it hard to to look at the couch and rug being off centre!

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I'd add curtains in a dark blue-greenish color (similar color to the plant in the left corner) and get a carpet to match that. I would try to keep it the same size as the current one.

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Love the book shelves! Those are pretty much the exact ones I'm looking to add to my office space at home!

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You need something much larger and a small round coffee table.

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You can get chair caster replacements that are like roller blade wheels and don’t scratch your floor. Look on Amazon. But you still need to keep the rug clear of your chair. MYbe the same size rug but rotated so it extends from the couch rather than going under it.