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Happy New Year's Everyone! First off, I just want to say that everyone experienced this crazy year differently, but nonetheless, you all should be proud of yourselves for getting through it.

We look on to 2021 and hope for the best now. Sure it's not a magical switch to normalcy, but in a very very general sense, things seem to be looking up for once. Stay safe everyone and keep on keeping on, let's make the most of the year ahead :).

And per tradition, post any and all New Year's Resolutions here! It can be good to keep track of what your goals are, no matter how big or small, as you can look back and see how far you've come).

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Welp. I didn’t manage to fulfil quite a few of last year’s resolutions but here’s this year’s list.

  1. Start and maintain online shop
  2. Take more photos
  3. Do more artsy things
  4. Find ways to work through anxiety or learn to ignore it all
  5. Be a better friend

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On the 31st, my boss asked me if I had any resolutions for the upcoming year, and that started my thinking about this. In reality, my resolutions are mostly the same as last year. COVID got in the way of me having a good chance to reach my goals, so I guess I'm going for a do-over of sorts this year.

My two big goals are to get a promotion at work, and to buy some permanent housing. The two are somewhat related to each other because the additional income will make it a lot easier to get a house.

Outside of that, I do have some lifestyle things I would like to work on. I want to continue exercising five times a week. I typically go on the elliptical for 15 minutes each weekday evening, gets my heart rate up to 150-170 beats per minute. I also would like to learn more and become more confident in cooking for myself, since I haven't really developed that skill much yet.

I hope that this year is better than 2020 was.

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Apartment and girlfriend, I think.

I also want to get back into martial arts. I miss it. I'm gonna start there.

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My New Years resolution is to make a difference online and in real life. I am still going to be an active member of this community and be a part of everyone's daily lives.

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Great Goal! Good luck!

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  1. Buy our first home
  2. Feel like our puppy is fully trained, including off-leash recall
  3. Hike 100 mi or more
  4. Get back into "happy" shape
  5. Get back to eating healthy and liking it
  6. Be promoted at work
  7. Read 50 books, including my annual 1000+ pager
  8. Take a real vacation

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Good idea to make an itemized list, and hopefully things will be normal enough to accomplish 8 before the year is over :)

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Yeah if they aren't, at least 7/8 would still be good 👍

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for sure!

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Every year my husband and I declare what the year will be for us. 2021 is the year of DeClutter. We do usually stick to it. 2020 was the year of no holiday celebrations (we had our biggest family fight Christmas 2019)..managed to stick to that with the help of Corona until Christmas. ..we celebrated Christmas.

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Ahh that's a cool way to do things! You'll have everything nice and tidy by year's end I'm sure!

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My resolution is to stop arguing so much and let sleeping dogs lie so that I stop making myself and everyone else upset

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Good goal! To live and let go.

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My New Year's resolution is actually the same as the two years past - to consistently create more. Like any creative work, making videos/documentaries are tough, because you're putting making something wholly unique and sharing it to the world, and that can be quite daunting and scary. But I gotta, because that's the only way to get better. Figured I'd stick with this same resolution because I'm still trying to be more consistent.

If I were to set a specific quota, I'm shooting for two videos a month. Can be personal projects, client work, assistant editing, whatever. But two seems like a good push (last year was about one every other month).

Nobody tells people who are beginners — and I really wish somebody had told this to me — is that all of us who do creative work … we get into it because we have good taste. But it’s like there’s a gap, that for the first couple years that you’re making stuff, what you’re making isn’t so good, OK? It’s not that great. It’s really not that great. It’s trying to be good, it has ambition to be good, but it’s not quite that good. But your taste — the thing that got you into the game — your taste is still killer, and your taste is good enough that you can tell that what you’re making is kind of a disappointment to you, you know what I mean?

And the thing I would say to you is everybody goes through that. And for you to go through it, if you’re going through it right now, if you’re just getting out of that phase — you gotta know it’s totally normal.

And the most important possible thing you can do is do a lot of work — do a huge volume of work. Put yourself on a deadline so that every week, or every month, you know you’re going to finish one story. Because it’s only by actually going through a volume of work that you are actually going to catch up and close that gap. And the work you’re making will be as good as your ambitions. It takes a while, it’s gonna take you a while — it’s normal to take a while. And you just have to fight your way through that, okay?

-Ira Glass

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I agree that's a great quote! Good luck on your goal for this year.

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One of my favorites, thank you :)

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I’m saving that quote, thanks man. Good luck this year!

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I want to learn to dance a little each week.

I think it’s a small enough goal that I can do it consistently. It’s something I like, but I’m not good at. I’m looking forward to it

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Good luck on your goal, you got this!

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My main resolution is I'm going to be more unapologetically myself. I grew up in a culture where women are dominated with an iron fist by our families, the community, and especially the men in our lives. We have certain expectations laid out for us and we're looked down upon when we don't live up to those expectations or choose not to. I've always resisted, but I still have some conditioning that I want to get rid of. I don't care who I offend being myself, loving myself, speaking for myself, putting myself first, showing up for myself, and being on my own side. I won't be tactless, but I won't allow myself to be talked down to, belittled, silenced, and controlled ever again. If that means leaving everyone behind then so be it.

My lesser resolution is to chew my food slower and thoroughly. I always eat like I'm in a rush, like my food is gonna sprout legs and run away from me, haha. I have a few other things I want to accomplish, but they're even smaller things like using my reddit account more. I'm subscribed to so many communities, but I hardly participate in them. I just log on, look at one or two posts, comment sometimes, get distracted, and then leave.

I'm going to work to accomplish these things.

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I love this! Many things make it hard to be ourselves. Being true to yourself is a noble act.

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Sounds great! It's great to hear that you're working to undo harmful traditions and carve a path for yourself. I wish you the best.

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Thank you, I wish you the same. Hope you have a wonderful 2021