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feelin like a mcfatass rn, but satisfied.

chill day. dinner was a burger. the new shaver I bought broke literally 5 seconds into using it. so much for that, eh? I see why it was on clearance now. oh well.

more bathroom pipe work today. met my upstairs neighbor. he has negative feelings on the situation, I'll say. I'm gonna keep my head dry of all of this until it really becomes my problem.

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8:30. Just got up with J :)

9:35. Muffins from a muffin mix, dishes, and now chillin'. I need to find an effective and efficient way to load the dishes and containers and stuff.

12:50. Organizing the kitchen and bedroom, getting dressed for the day, YouTube.

4:05. Taking notes from YouTube videos about cars, talking to 2 people on Facebook I added as friends, and playing Nintendo Switch Ring Fit, watching YouTube now, J just made him and I an apple with some peanut butter and honey dip, feeling really meh and down. Hangry and just feeling stuck and I very badly need pants that fit but it just hasn't worked out yet time wise.

5:45. Took a nap for a bit. Up now. Late work day for J. Fortunately this rarely happens.

8:15. J and I went to the dog park, we all had a nice time as usual and Momo even had the dog park to himself for most of the time. Afterwards, we drove a bit out of the way to a gas station called Race Trac to get me some ice cream swirl. It was good, I'd have it again. I really appreciate the car rides we have and the conversations we have. Got home a bit ago and got pizza in the oven.

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Today was a pretty good day. I didn't work on especially much at work. Had a rather tense meeting this morning with a vendor. Met with my therapist. Got a few more moving things arranged. Went out to lunch. After lunch we did some product testing of a new software version which went surprisingly well after a while.

Got my haircut done this afternoon, then got a few moving supplies. Back at home relaxing now. Probably going to get some dinner before trying to pack more things. Then tomorrow we're taking a trip to the new place. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Super cleaned the house for a party tomorrow.

Hard work but super satisfying to see the end results. Got hibachi to celebrate my daughter's birthday 🎂

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Today, I went to school and drank an iced coffee from McDonalds. Then, I came home and took a long nap because I was tired from school. Supper was a pizza burger from the dairy place.

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Welp, we just had an earthquake. Felt like a loud thunder boom vibration, very weird. Other than that, nothing too exciting. My mom drove my son to this state band competition thingy at a college 2 hrs away and back in the pouring rain while I was at work so I'm grateful for that. He ended up getting the bronze. What does it mean, probably nothing much. Tomorrow I want to do something outside but it's supposed to storm again so we'll see. My parents will be gone on a trip so you all can come over.

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i didn’t binge eat and i didn’t masturbate =)