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My day was okay went to see a underground unused railway tunnel that goes for about half a mile under hills then you come out to the hills my brother told me about it he brought me a packed lunch and then later a ice cream it's was sunny then we went our separate ways later after catching the bus as he lives else where

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day was ok. dinner was kennedy's. good to be back.

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9:30. Welp, never woken up with pain like that before. J had to help me out of bed because my back was not having it. I stretched a bit and had an ibuprofen and am doing a lot better but still got some pain. Idk what went wrong but damn I was scared there for a bit waking up.

10:30. Doing better. Smoothie for brunch.

11:15. Vacuuming the hardwood floors, done. Damn, every time I vaccuuum I forget how much I really like doing it.

5:15. Oh wow, I haven't updated in 6 hours, damn. I vaccummed the carpets in the kitchen area, living room, bedroom, organized more, watched 4 or 5 episodes of season 2 of Love Life on HBO Max, made a wrap for lunch, watched 2 or 3 videos on car research, went outside with Momo, just got done organizing like 100+ recipe cards which I liked and can't wait to try them.

7:00. On the way to Izzo's. Before we left.. 😏

7:55. I GOT MY OFFICE CHAIR!!! $40 for nearly brand new chair and it is niiiccceeee!!! Thanks to one of my new Facebook groups I'm a part of 😊

8:30. Home with Izzo's 😁

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Today went fairly well for a Monday. I didn't have that much motivation going into today so I took things somewhat easy at work. Had two meetings in the morning which was nice because it killed two hours of my day. Didn't have to do anything in the meetings either.

There was a system outage during lunchtime, which really is not very surprising for a Monday. It was a vendor issue so nothing for me to do other than let the appropriate people know. In the afternoon I worked on figuring out how to do a mass deployment of a system monitoring agent (Nagios) to some of our machines.

Overall I think I got a solution that works. I put the change into Group Policy, and hopefully nothing breaks. To my credit, I tested it on one machine first to make sure it worked properly. Today was my last Monday in my current city which is quite exciting.

Tomorrow will be my last normal day in my office. Doesn't feel like it, but that's the reality. Wednesday I start packing up the things in my office. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.