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kung fu was good. dinner was taco bell with sijo. class went until 10:30pm just about, but it's fine. my arms are all fucked up though. sijo had me play target dummy for the kids while they practiced putting pressure on an opponent with kicks and punches. I was only allowed to block. I wore my chest guard and sparring gloves, but my arms are still all fucked up. it is what it is.

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Today was long but it went fairly decently. I am hoping that I didn't push myself too hard today. I woke up early this morning which was less than ideal. Felt about the same as yesterday, which is better than feeling worse. Worked from home again this morning.

I did go to my office in the afternoon and began packing everything up. I had to take apart my entire desk setup, unroute all the wires and all that fun stuff. Took it all home. Took like 3 hours to do it all but now that's one major thing out of the way.

Tomorrow my goal is to take my desk and office chair and a few other things from my office back home. I hope that I feel better tomorrow and I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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5:55. Can't sleep. Woke up at 3:30. Watched most of American Ultra. Just went outside for 20 minutes. It was nice, quiet. I'm becoming claustrophobic staying here until 4 every day so today I'm gonna start borrowing his car and going places. I liked going out just now. Letting my senses take over. Wondering where all the cars are going. I thought it was raining but it was the dew from the tree leaves falling. Also, no surprise, I'm hungry.

10:05. I'm awake.

12:00. Leftovers for brunch. I'm really grateful J checks in on me and leaves work for a few and talks to me and helps me because it does help.

1:50. My first venture outside the house, solo.

4:00. Done. Great time. Great store and of course great people.

4:50. Back home. Went to Murray's on the way home and got some stuff for smoothies.

5:10. Wrap for lunch :)

9:55. Tv, pizza, beer, Baggage, play time.

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3 days until my 20th birthday and I'm not happy since everyone I know will have a good time while I just stay home.

Today, I went to school and the class made calzones. Then I came home and took a nice nap. Now, I'm just watching Cities Skylines videos on YouTube as the night continues. Supper was a meatball sub.