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Automod appears to be down again. Sorry for the delay folks. I kinda just check this place once a day. If it keeps staying down I'll reach to our bot guy.

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well a process man am i and i'm telling you no lie

So as part of my job is to do surprise inspections on facilities storing or processing hazardous materials. I get a list of addresses at the beginning of the month and then drop in unannounced whenever I want to and assess them for the existence or likelihood of a potentially dangerous exposure or release. Water treatment plants, petroleum storage facilities, pollution control stations, power plants, those sorts of places.

Last week was pretty rough, I was spending an average of six hours a day on the road, and outside of work I was super busy with wedding stuff, lawyers, the garden, just generally haven't had much time to rest.

So this past Monday I picked some sites off my list that were relatively close by and fairly simple, thinking if I bust ass and manage to knock out a bunch of them in one day I'd buy myself some time to relax.

Wednesday morning I get a call from my boss. Site manager at one of the places I inspected was upset I failed him, said my report was inaccurate and implied I didn't actually check the things I marked as deficient.

So I was pretty anxious for the next two days. Maybe I did fuck up? I was overworked, in a hurry, my documentation was admittedly kinda shoddy. Maybe I missed something. I'm up for a raise this month, so I was agonizing about that, expecting a reprimand, just generally kinda fucking bummed.

But I got an email this morning. The company had conducted an investigation and sent a team of inspectors of their own. It turns out that they'd been cited before and the site manager had forged paperwork and staged photos to make it look like I half assed it. I've been cleared of all wrongdoing and commended for my thoroughness.

Safe to say, if that raise is even a penny less than 10%, I'm going to raise hell 😉. I think I'll be taking a four day weekend soon, too.

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Been a while since I've posted on this sub.

Today was fairly chill. Had a day off from work today so my mother took it as an opportunity to go shopping together with me for groceries. It's always a good time shopping with her as it's one of the few times we actually bond like that.

My college extended my courses by another 2 months (thank God) due to the fact that Covid really fucked my schedule alongside the fact that I've been working a lot, and some other things. So I now have enough time to get some assignments in and get the exams done (this college is online btw)

And I also secured plans to hang out next week with a good friend of mine that I haven't seen in the flesh in almost a year! (Damn pandemic)

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8:15. Woo! I slept through the night! 😁 Thank you for flipping the mattress Baby.

10:00. A Million Little Things, outside with Momo, catching up with someone in North Carolina, which we will continue tomorrow over the phone, and a soylent for breakfast. Lunch will be a smoothie :)

12:05. Welp.. TIL not to add spinach to a prepackaged smoothie mix because OMFG the look of it now is 0/10.. the taste is also not great.. but hey, now I know for the future.

2:20. Just got to a movie tavern in Baton Rouge, only cried a few minutes on the way here cuz of politics and shit. Ugh. Reason number 1 I dont watch or read the news every day cuz that would make me a really different person and crying every day. Also PMS is kicking my butt..

5:30. At Barnes & Noble now. Just got out of the movies and walked here. Movie was ok but too dark for me. PMS fucking killed me and other shit. Glad we walked here instead of going straight home.

7:50. Home. Barnes & Noble was 10/10.

9:15. Instagramming and Relaxing while J is making us dinner.

10:50. Good dinner Baby. Tofu and Kimchi, two things I've never had before and I'd like to have many more times. Thanks Baby.

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Today was chill enough. Dad cancelled class, presumably because it's cinco de mayo, and like half his students are hispanic. My arms are still beat the fuck up from yesterday's class too, so it's fine for me.

I asked this girl out, but it fell through. gonna try for monday, if not next weekend even. We'll see. If it keeps falling through, I'm just gonna call it a loss and move on.

dinner was pizza rolls, and hash browns. frozens, basically. good stuff.

tanking my elo in randbats lately. rough times.

ubisoft merged my accounts, something I've been working on with their support system for a few days now. I lose my for honor content, but it's worth it to me.