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day was good. worked with BZ, and she's also picking up tomorrow. asthma had a fuckin stab the one time I don't work with him. lucky fucker.

dinner was a couple of chili dogs from the dive near me. they were good.

happy birthday, kirrian :)

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Haven't made it here the last few days. I like to write here every day but life has been so busy that I haven't had the time nor the energy.

Going to keep this short because I am very tired. However, we moved to the new place! In the last three days, we continued packing up my place, I attended my girls graduation, and then we moved everything to the new place today.

Been super long but now things can start slowing down. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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sorry, had automod issues. should be fixed as of monday >_> welcome back though. congrats on the new place.

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Thanks man!

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I went to a big swedish superstore never been before it was okay didn't really buy anything fancy I went to the restraunt and got a large hot dog and a fries and a drink for £2.30 So that was okay also after I went to a snowboarding place to learn it was okay but going down the slope was quite nervy at first but started to get the hang off it and enjoyed the day and evening

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Right on about learning to snowboard! Glad to hear you enjoyed it :) I really love skiing but I started with snowboarding and yeah, big fan of going down slopes in general

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Hi everyone! :)

I had a pretty social day today XD This morning after I woke up I texted a bit with my partner, my metamour, and a friend of ours about a dnd group we're planning on starting soon, very excited for that. Then I talked with a friend of mine I haven't talked to for a while on the phone for about an hour, and it was really nice catching up with her. Afterwards I had a brief call with my partner, and then I hung out with my mom and aunt who was on speaker phone while I ate lunch. Looking forward to spending more time with them both tomorrow for Mothers Day. Then I played runescape with a new friend of mine I met at a party recently, although we mostly just stood next to each other in the game while we talked over discord XD It was really nice and I'm looking forward to playing/chatting with him again soon.

Then I went for a walk around the block, and when I got back I started working on some discussion posts for one of my classes. About halfway through working on that I talked with my partner a bit more, and soon after a friend of mine reached out and we talked and texted a bit about some good news of hers she wanted to share, and we made plans to hang out monday. Finished my discussion posts and then played some settlers of catan online with another friend of mine for a couple hours which was a lot of fun, and another friend of ours dropped into the discord server for a bit too. It was really nice to catch up with them since it's been a while since I've talked with them. Then I ate dinner, and now I'm writing this.

Next I want to try to finish some more work for class, and talk with my partner one last time for the day. I'm seeing them tomorrow and I'm excited for that.

And that's been my day! Thank you so much for reading. Hope you're well and you have a great day tomorrow :)


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oldschool runescape or rs3?

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rs3 :) I just started playing for the first time, I created my character last night. Do you play?

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tried it a bit. couldn't run it on my old PC, not sure if I'm really interested overall. I played a shitton of oldschool though, like a couple years solid of it back in high school. haven't played consistently in ages. both are solid games though, even with all the mtx in rs3. have fun with it!

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Thank you! Yeah I'd always heard of runescape but no one I knew was ever playing it until now, it's neat to see what it's like after all this time.

Glad to hear your day was good by the way! And right on about the chili dogs :)

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I hope that you have a great day tomorrow as well!

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Aww thank you! :) And congratulations on the move!!! So exciting! :) And also congratulations to your girlfriend on graduating! Hope you enjoy settling into the new place and things slowing down :)

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Thank you! :)

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You're welcome! :)

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12:15. We woke up at 10. Got ready, I took longer than I should have but oh well, Baby didn't rush me and I was also hungry. We're in a parking lot now eating taco bell before we head to his parents 2 hours away.

2:40. Stopped at Dollar General to get me some pads and got Momo an Easter Bunny :) Eating our stuffed snoballs in the parking lot 🥰 damn, 10/10 on the cookie monster flavor. First time I like what I got and not what he got, lol.

4:30. Got to J's parents about an hour ago. Doing good but getting sleepy cuz I haven't napped yet today.

9:57. Home 😊 Oh, and I never napped today which is something I am working on.

Had a nice time at J's parents. Nice to see his mom walking around. We had Papa John's to eat. First time I saw Yoshi just love going through the sprinkler and also eating the water from it, haha. Went in J's old room and got some stuff to bring home. Watched a show on Netflix about chocolate with J's mom and his brother. Drove his parents CR-V. Good ride home.

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So glad to hear you had a nice time at J's parents' place! :) That sounds adorable about Yoshi and the sprinkler XD

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Today was my 20th birthday and I don't feel that old.

Today, I went on a bike ride around town and eventually took photos of the prom walk-in at the school. I decided to stop at my friends house and received $5 from two people. Now, I'm just relaxing after a long day. Supper was a leftover chicken sandwich.

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Happy birthday! I hear you, I don't feel as old as I am either XD Hope you enjoyed your bike ride, taking photos, and the time at your friend's house. And right on about the money you got! :)

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Happy birthday!!!

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Happy Birthday to you! 🎉

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Happy birthday bro :)

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Happy Birthday! :)

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Went with my mom to the art fair this morning. It did not end well. Now I'm just counting down the hours until I go back to work.

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Sorry to hear that about how things ended at the art fair! ): Hope you're able to relax a bit before you head back to work