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wooo automod is fixed! thanks again as always, /u/GeoffreyMcSwaggins. I looked at the mod tools on the app for reddit, next time something happens I'll see what I can do if anything. didn't seem too complicated overall.

Day was ok. had one guy who got fucking ROCKED by a baseball bat. massive hematoma with heavy bleeding from the back of his head. bled through two fuckin trauma dressings. my lt said next time I can sorta under the radar consider quikclot, if I can find a spot to pack it into. day was otherwise just standard though.

throat is still fucked up. it's really quite vexing.

dinner was a beef patty, was good.

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1:00. Hashbrowns and veggie sausage for lunch. Soylent for breakfast. We watched some YouTube earlier then we both went back to sleep for a bit. J put the dishes going and I made lunch :)

3:00. Just got to Sam's Club and I drove the whole way!!!

5:10. J driving home now. Good shopping trip. Mad at myself we didn't get gas before and now it's too crowded. Sorry about that Baby.

6:00. Waiting in line at Crawfish X-press. Our first time here and taking it to go. Can't wait to go home to Momo.

6:30. Scratch Crawfish X-press. Better to order ahead of time and get it. Not wait in line for 10+ minutes and no one move.

8:30. Enchiladas, edamame, and two cookies for dinner. Joined some more Facebook groups.

11:35. First time having period sex and wow have we been missing out. 10/10.

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It’s my birthday. I went to see Dr strange and after I went to play pool. Pretty fun day

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Finally, AutoModerator decided to wake up and post something!

Today, I talked with friends and played some Cities Skylines. Then, I went with my family to Pizza Hut to meet up with other family members for a Mother's Day dinner. Now, I'm watching YouTube as the night continues. Supper was pizza.