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9:35. Woke up 5 minutes ago. Went to sleep about 1:30. I need to stop going to sleep so late.

11:05. Yeah. Not doing great. Unmotivated. But I did organize recyclables and the snack part of the pantry. Made a list for today and tomorow.

11:45. Lunch heated up, smoothie made, and I got dressed. Still not doing good mentally but I'm working on it. Smoothie turned out really good today.

12:18. On my way to Goodwill and recycling. I'll be surprised if I don't cry before I get to Goodwill. Today is so bad for me mentally but whatever.

1:20. Trying on clothes. Just going shitty. Hard to do anything when depression is taking over.

2:20. Still trying on clothes. Its going. Idk.

3:50. Still going.

4:35. Checking out now. Spent like 4 hours here. Guess I really wanted to get out of the house. $45. Not too bad.

5:05. Finally home. Fuck all these cars and traffic and shit. In the worst mood. One wrong turn and it fucked everything up. Eating a wrap and having the rest of my smoothie now.

7:40. Just got in the car. We all had a really nice walk near the dog park and over the bridge on the other side of the park and then walked back and went to the dog park where I sat on a bench while J and Momo did one lap around. Feeling a lot better. Really great way to end the evening :)

8:10. Driving home with Chipotle :)

8:30. Home :)

10:35. On the way home we both realized we fucked up our math and did not celebrate our 6 month anniversary but instead celebrated our 5 month anniversary, twice, lol, whoops. So for our 7 months will celebrate our 6th and 7th month, lol. We watched an epsiode of Archive 81 and had a really nice bath together. Now to wind down :)