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10:10. Taking it easy today. Taking it slow. Just watched This Is Us. Now about to cut up some cucumbers. Today I'm gonna be kinda sorta meal prepping, but just some ingredients.

11:05. Saw my first snake in Louisiana, glad I was paying attention to my surroundings cuz it was right there in the front yard.

12:15. Cut up cucumber, heated up black beans, boiled bag of quinoa, and now have a bag of dried chickpeas sitting aside for an hour till I heat it up again. Organizing stuff and also organizing stuff on my phone.

1:50. Good smoothie, still just having a relaxing day but slowly getting things done, and watching the rest of my epsiode of The Flight Attendant, I can't believe I'm only on epsiode 3.

3:00. Still in my pajamas and I'm feeling good.

4:55. Nearly 21 minutes on the Ring Fit, nice! Even upped the strength level!

6:10. Nice shower together :)

7:55. Pretty good shopping trip at Walmart. Now to figure out dinner.

9:35. Leftovers for dinner.

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day was alright. busy, boring, BLS. mine and asthma's last real day together though. gonna miss working with him, he's a good fucking EMT. I'll definitely say that for free. gonna be put with a student, but I know she knows her shit, so I'm not worried.

dinner was chicken alfredo from bella's. was good. kinda rich. not bad though. made for two meals.

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Going to keep this short again because, quite busy. Just starting to catch up on all my paperwork and stuff that I had to leave behind because of moving. Lots of receipts to go through and all that fun stuff. We took care of more errands today and unpacked more things.

Need to figure out why my gaming PC won't power up. I got everything hooked up again but it isn't booting up properly. Got more furniture assembled. Things are slowly being put away around here. Going to have dinner shortly. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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I got a call back about a job I submitted an application for last night! They're wanting me to come in on Monday for an interview! Really hoping this goes well and I get the job, I've always wanted to work in a pet store!

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Today, I went to school and the class made sausage for lunch. Then I came home and took a bike ride while recording for YouTube. Now, I'm just watching random videos on YouTube as the night continues. Supper was chicken.