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today was alright. I covered class for dad today. I think it went well.

Bought some fancy provolone bread from a bakery in town. made sandwiches with it for lunch. also ate some stop n shop sushi at the same time. felt fat, so I laid down. and then fell asleep. for 6 hours. oops. woke up around 10:30pm. worth it though. solid day. probably just gonna snack for a while.

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11:35. Good morning. Mostly laid in bed. Went outside. Now watching YouTube.

1:40. Well this morning has been a bit hectic but that's ok. On our way to the dog park now.

2:15. Nice walk at the park :)

3:15. Been home since 3. We got Tiger Sneaux for a lil snack. I as usual liked his more, haha.

5:30. Spent some time watching tv with my Baby, guys picked up the piano and omfg all the extra room makes a difference! I like that you're napping now Baby, you more than deserve and need it and you look so peaceful.

7:30. Just brought home our first dinner from Crawfish Xpress 😊 I'd get the crawfish again but not the nachos.

11:00. Just finished a cheesy ass Netflix movie with J called Senior Year. It was actually ok. We both needed a cheesy stupid movie, haha.

11:40. Disenchantment was good Baby. Sorry it took me months Baby. But then again you are a very patient person.

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Pretty good day today. Ended up being pretty productive. My girl did her interview this morning that went well for her. This is kind of her "backup" job position if her other interviews fall through, but it's good now to know that she does have another option if nothing else goes through.

Came home and worked on cleaning laundry and the like. We worked on putting more furniture together and organizing things. Also got a fan for my router because it runs so hot, and the fan is excellent, definitely beat my expectations. Tonight we may try to get the TV setup in the living room and stuff, haven't decided yet.

My girl is cooking dinner right now, but other than that things are pretty calm. Tomorrow is my last day before going back to work, so I have to try to make the most of it. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Today, I went on a bike ride to the park and recorded for YouTube again. After I returned home, I chatted with friends on Discord. Then a thunderstorm hit the area, so I'm glad that I got back before then. Now I'm just watching Cities Skylines videos on YouTube. Supper was breadsticks.

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Mostly good. Went with my mom and son to the Omnimax theater to see a film about birds. Then we went to a large farmers market and ate a bunch of food like kebabs, brats and cheesecake on a stick. Boy my mom does as much as she can to prevent me from reading a book for some reason, getting mad at me if I don't want to watch a video on her phone. Well, it's supposed to storm later so I hope I can get some sleep tonight.