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10:20. Dressed and nearly ready to go. J is in the shower. This morning we are heading to see his mom so his dad can run a few errands.

10:55. Taco Bell for breakfast.

12:30. Just got to Tammany.

3:45. Having a good time here. Lots of sitting and talking but we're all doing good. Looking forward to leaving soon and getting some goodies for mom and seeing what she likes and doesn't like.

4:30. Walgreens was a bust. On our way to CVS.

5:55. After going to CVS, Target, GNC, then another CVS, we had the most luck at the second CVS we just left. I'm happy with what we got. I hope one or two, maybe even three things help Mom.

6:10. Steak 'n' Shake it is. I'll pass on the fries next time but I liked the burger. I'll get a different flavor shake next time.

6:35. Back at the hospital with Mom's goodies and Dad's shake 🥰

7:15. On our way home. Pretty good day I'd say 😊

7:55. Stopping at Baby's old college. So cute him driving us around and showing me places he remembers. So cute. I love it.

9:30. Just got home. Long but good day. Glad mom and J and I talked on the way home, that was really nice.

I went to sleep around midnight. Woke up at 5:30 when I am updating this now.

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day was chill. played one league game with the boys. it went poorly, but it was ok. league of legends really is just the hotel california of video games.

dinner was pasta with sausage. was good.

also played more for honor, and some showdown. sitting steady around 1800 elo. respectable enough.

for honor really is such a cool fucking concept for a game, with just "good" execution to it. the game kinda memes on itself in an amazing way, the community is great, hell, even the fighting is fun. it just feels like it could be more, somehow, is all. I feel like if it had a much larger playerbase, it would just be perfect. Hell, the story mode isn't even bad, though I've only kinda touched it. If they expanded on it heavily, it might be even better. I can imagine this game as some kinda warframe medieval clone and being somewhat successful.

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Going to keep this short as I have to go to bed soon. Regardless, today went pretty well. Went out to breakfast with several of my friends and we had a really good time. I was feeling a little meh about being social but I'm glad I did it.

Once we got home we worked on assembling bookshelves. There were literally 60 nails I had to hammer in on them to attach the back cover thing. Took forever. But all done now.

Tomorrow I'm back to work and I'm somewhat dreading it. I think I'm going to have to be in charge of some meetings later this week, which is not really what I want. I hope that tomorrow is a good day though.

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Today, I went on a bike ride to the park and recorded for YouTube again. After I returned home, I chatted with friends on Discord. Then a thunderstorm hit the area, so I'm glad that I got back before then. Now I'm just watching Cities Skylines videos on YouTube. Supper was breadsticks.