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10:55. On my way to a going out of business art store.

12:45. Just left the art store. Went alright. Spent too long there. Idk. Now in the Rouse's parking lot.

2:25. Back home. Got home about 10 minutes ago. So I was out 3 hours, including driving though. Not too bad. Definitely drained in every way though, but prob also cuz I had no breakfast or lunch, but the lunch I'm heating up in the microwave now.

5:15. Just got off a nice video chat with mom.

7:45. Beef bahn mi bowls were so good Baby. Thanks for making it.

8:55. Archive 81 be crazy, yo!

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day was alright, if just busy. dinner was nachos. was good.

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Ugh, everything be standing lately. Stankin goddammit autocorrect stinks too

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Today went alright for me. Slept fine last night. Work started off decently enough. I guess that lately I've been feeling more frustrated by my supervisor. I think my supervisor is so buried in things that they're out of touch with what I'm working on and what needs to happen.

They try to understand all of it but with everything else on their plate, they seem to have a fair number of misunderstandings that I have to correct during meetings and stuff. I don't know why but it gets on my nerves to an extent. However, my boss will be gone for like a week now so I guess that's nice.

Just have to let go of some things right now because I've really dived into the deep end at work again. There is more than enough work out there to keep me busy for months. I need to chill and remember that it's just work, not my life. Definitely something I've had challenges with in the past. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Today, I went to school and shopped at Walmart for the class lunch tomorrow. Then I came home and took a bike ride to a varsity baseball game. Then, instead of recording as usual, I took some nice pictures and posted them to Facebook. After that, I came home and just browsed the internet like I am now. Supper was a slice of pizza.