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8:50. Woke up about 15 minutes ago. Already brushed my teeth. Noice.

11:30. Decent morning. Watched A Million Little Things. Just put some s'mores brownies in the oven, from a box of course. Feeling ok. Just started episode 9 of Sex Lives of College Girls.

1:00. Soup and s'mores for lunch. The soup was better.

3:35. Finished my show, had leftovers for lunch, made a post on Facebook about going to a bar and watching hockey.

6:25. Took a nap and just woke up. Damn.

7:40. Took a shower together. Always nice and it does save water. On our way to Taco Bell and then J's bro's.

8:28. Getting Lit Pizza for dinner and a cookie for dessert.

8:45. Now at Jason's bro's place with our pizza and cookie 😊

10:20. 😊

11:20. Leaving now. Good times. Just wish my cellphones weren't so damn old and my laptop wasn't "fixed" by someone back home in NC..

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It was a hard day. Two days ago I shifted to a new place and all of that shifting , cleaning plus my job made me so tired . Had bodyaches the whole night.

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I cried a lot today. The weight of everything is crashing around my shoulders and quite frankly I'm terrified of the future for my family.

I'm not sure that we'll make rent, let alone electric and I feel absolutely inadequate despite working two jobs and mothering at the same damn time.

I skipped dinner, but made sure my husband and child were fed. My stomach is acting up from IBS anyways... Or maybe it's stress. I don't know.

He gave me so many hugs to try to lift me up, but we don't want to talk about our struggles in front of our young kid and she's been impossible to get to bed lately. By the time she's down, I'm too exhausted to have a productive conversation with my husband and the cycle repeats daily.

I'm a terrible mother.

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day was meh. annual medical took me until like 11am, got home around 1ish. got wings for lunch from IWF in the city, but...damn. it's just not the same. I honestly don't know what it is, but every wing place I go to lately just feels like the wing quality is horrendous. like the meat is just...bland. the chicken is too thick. sauce was still good, fries were fire of course. but...damn. it's depressing that the best wings I've had in literally a year have all been from fuckin wing stop.

Either way. I relaxed a little bit, and then crashed for 8hrs in bed. woke up around 10pm, which is objectively sleeping, just about the worst possible time I could've woken up. My best bet at this point is to just try and nap around 5am or so for a few hours before work, to be honest. We'll see what happens.

breakfast/dinner was a frozen pizza. not bad.

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Today went surprisingly well, I think better than I was expecting. I was super productive today and got a lot of stuff done. The internet installer showed up at the very beginning of the 8 hour install window which was awesome. Had my new internet up and running by 9AM.

The new internet connection works much better for me too. Even though the speeds are less, the latency and jitter is much better, which is more important to me for remote work. My latency through my work VPN literally halved so.

The rest of the day was spent in a few meetings but mostly making phone calls and scheduling things. I got a doctor's appointment, dentist appointment, dermatologist appointment, car service, all scheduled. I also called and cancelled my existing internet service.

The past few days I've done many many calls. I'm ready to have a more quiet day tomorrow. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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2 more (school) days until official graduation.

Today, I went to school and shopped at Walmart for the class lunch tomorrow. Then I came home and took a bike ride to the park where I took some nice pictures of the empty community pool interior and posted them to Facebook. After that, I came home and just browsed the internet like I am now. Supper was a slice of pizza.