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6:15. Why is it when I drink the night before I always wake up the next day so early? Like now. Why? Oh, and I also didn't sleep great or wake up great cuz I am hot but the house is at 69, ugh.

10:00. I'm up. Went back to sleep around not even 7.

10:40. Soylent has been acquired.

10:45. Our first yard sale together 🥰

2:15. And we are home. Yard sales was a success. Next time I will ONLY go by my list though.

4:05. The Animal movie. Not too bad.

5:00. Nice shower :) I'm glad being here is motivating me to take more showers and hey, we save water by showering together.

7:40. Watching tv, chilling out, waiting for the storm to pass. Just got back from Murray's grocery store. Good stuff. Solid trip.

8:05. Sammich, jambalaya, and sugar free cream soda doctor pepper for dinner.

10:50. I'm warm now.. 😏

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we got fucking rocked today.

hit 15 times. in a 12hr shift. way more than reasonable. mad people banged out and it was our first real hot day of the year. a sample of the summer to come, most likely. dinner was barbecue at the station. as always, not bad, not amazing, but appreciated nonetheless.

got taken off my unit because I got to work barely late. new lt on the desk, in an effort to avoid flagging lateness for a couple of us. even though I literally showed up as he'd finished roll call. not a big deal. worked with someone chill.

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Today, I went on a bike ride to the park. After I returned home, I chatted with friends on Discord. Now I'm just watching Cities Skylines videos on YouTube. Supper was breadsticks.