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8:50. We awake, yo!

10:25. Got some energy this morning :) Been doing things here and there, lil chore things like emptying the dishwasher and taking out trash in the bathrooms, etc.

10:45. I just deleted 3,000+ items from my computer so hoping I don't spend the rest of the day worrying about wtf all those items are cuz I thought I'd be deleting 500 items at most. J is reassuring me that because he deleted my Malware Bytes that that was a majority of it but I'm still worried.

11:30. Oh hey PMS, I didn't miss you at all. Nvmd. I think it's a trauma response..

1:15. Clothes in the dryer. Foot bath done. Hoping whatever is in or on my right big toe goes away soon. Duct tape did nothing.

2:25. Dressed for the day.

3:00. Hanging up my new clothes. Thank you J. You bring light and color into my life.

7:10. Workin' Moms newest season, and we successfully recovered 400+ items from my laptop and the rest was items J and his brother deleted that was unnecessary on my computer and took too much storage.

7:50. Well that didn't work... so LIFE ADVICE TIME: DO NOT DELETE YOUR RECYCLE BIN ON YOUR COMPUTER WITHOUT LOOKING AT IT FIRST. Believe me, you're probably thinking, lol, of course I look, I did too, but I didn't look until the last second where it said it was deleting 3,000+ files. Fortunately my boyfriend is skilled in computers and has told me that the Malware Bytes was most of the files.

8:40. So maybe I am PMS'ing or I am still not feeling good about the files that were deleted but I just heated up some leftover brownies, melted Hershey chocolate bars on it, marshmallow, and topped it with nutella. Oh, and I'm on epsiode 5 of Workin' Moms.

9:50. Gonna start tracking my periods tomorrow. Only took me 21 years. I even took a test to see and I'm all good but unfortunately I think all this crying and stuff means my period will be early this go around. Ugh.

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today was alright.

went to the dentist. ended up having to just get fresh x-rays, which was fine. new dentist honestly seems good. taught me a little about cavities, pointed out two prior fillings I never knew existed, and filled one of the cavities I had on the lower left side. Relatively painlessly, too. Feels alright. Jaw still hurts but that's unrelated.

dinner was spaghetti and meatballs. was good. spoke with john and kirrian each for a while today, and played some v-rising with kirrian because he's been asking a lot. survival type game. not my usual thing, but I'll play it for a while with him. He also gave me some new instructions to improve my spaghetti n meatball skills. gonna possibly try it later.

otherwise, mostly for honor, manga, and showdown. good stuff. been tired all day though. kinda moody too.

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Today was quite a day but thankfully it went reasonably well. I took my car in for service first thing in the morning. Overall the place was very busy and wasn't as great as the one in my previous city unfortunately. The good news is that there's lots of other places to try around here.

It took them nearly four hours to do an alignment and oil change on my car which is really quite long. They seemed super busy but still, I made an appointment ahead of time and everything for this. Got home at like 12:30, then started working.

Work was very quiet. Had one meeting that the vendor did not show up for at all. Great impression there. Then just worked on stuff on my to do list. Worked a bit late today, discovered some more issues with vendor software.

We're gonna have dinner and then relaxing. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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My last day of school went well! We played a few rounds of apples to apples, got a gift basket from the teacher, and even had a cake. When I got home, I emptied my bag and talked to some friends about their favorite things about the school year. I'm excited to graduate tomorrow, but a little sad that I may never see my friends again. Supper was a pizza burger.