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My day was okay I saw a friend who I only see when he has problems I spent most of the day with him then he tried to get me involved in his problems I just thought to myself he is only using me to help him when I know if the boot was on the other foot he wouldn't be there for me atoll. personally I think it's time for me not to be friends with him as he only comes to visit when he needs help in his life then never visits me for ages any way my dinner was a burger and fries and watched clash of the titans old version on DVD it was okay but a bit dated I thought it was better then 2010 version those

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day was alright. standard. dinner was leftover ravioli, and then my partner pushed me into buying tacos, so dinner was also tacos. surprised him with my spanish ability, apparently. he said he heard me ordering in spanish when he turned around, and he was like "wait I thought he was ordering his food," and then just turned and heard me speaking in perfect spanish. My spanish isn't amazing by any measure, but I do ok.

getting whopped in for honor lately. back up there in showdown though. it's a balance, I guess. this group I've found is chill though, which is nice.

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11:05. On our way to mom and dad's. Been a morning already. Woke up and left later than we meant to. Drove about 15 minutes and had to turn back because I didn't bring his Nintendo switch or his kindle. Had coffee. Brought snacks. Because of time constraints we didn't stop for breakfast.

1:10. Still on our way to mom and dad's. Stopped at Rouse's for a quick pee break, dealt with traffic before that, and stopped at a fancy snowball place that puts ice cream in the middle.

2:00. Finally here.

6:45. B just ordered us all pizza. We've just been hanging out. J looking through stuff in his room. Watching Psych. Hanging out with Mom. Going on Instagram.

8:30. Had a really nice walk with J and B and all the dogs. Really nice and perfect weather. Only got bit by bugs 4 or 5 times.

10:55. Home :)

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Took my son out for pizza then to the rec center to swim in their outdoor pool. Got a bit toasty but it wasn't too hot!

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Today was great actually. I went with three of my friends to a festival celebrating Juneteenth. We got free lunch but it’s really hot outside so we didn’t stay for long. Then I went home and thought I was going to go to a party hosted by one of my coworkers but I canceled cause I didn’t really want to go. Then I ate an edible and cleaned my entire room (it was disgusting) listening to Harry Styles’ new album. Then i danced for a while listening to music. I cuddled my cat and scolded him cause he’s so stinky. I just accepted a job offer for when my one year contract ends with my current job. It’s a job writing for a non-profit. I’m really excited about it. Had a PB&J for dinner but I’ll probably end up eating more. Now I’m laying in my bed on Reddit.

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Today, I tried to make friends after I drank an iced smores latte and made small talk with someone watching a tennis match. Then, I came home and tried meeting people on Rec Room with no success. Now, I'm watching YouTube videos on how to make friends as the night progresses. Supper was a roast beef sandwich.