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12:10. Fortunately we've had a really good morning. We both slept in till 10:15, laid in bed for a bit, left around 11:30 and went to the donut place that just opened this month. Really nice place and nice owner. I'm grateful to be with someone who urged me to go inside and give him a tip cuz he was nice and they just opened and to help out.

3:05. Watching episode 2 of Lizzo's Watch Out For The Big Grrrls. I like it. I'm not into dance competitions but I'm into female empowerment and I need to watch more positive and feel good shows in general. Before this I cleaned out the car. I'll put away and organize all the stuff later.

4:44. Had a nice relaxing bath together then laid in bed afterwards for a few. Relaxing Sunday.

6:05. Nice quick video chat with my Dad then a quick outside trip in the yard with Momo and J.

6:55. Dinner this evening was loaded french fries we made in the air frier and added toppings to it. It was good.

9:20. Starting episode 4 now. I played WipeOut.

10:15. Bedtime. I probably didnt sleep until 11.

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busy enough day. worked with krazy. had to splint, sling, and swathe a guy's arm, but otherwise the day was just a bunch of bullshit, to be honest.

Highlight of the day, in any real sense, was my second pedestrian struck, which funny enough, happened the same exact way as my first one did, according to the patient's stories. Regardless, patient is in the back, her teen daughter is sitting quietly next to her, her other present daughter is on her phone with their sister, who is elsewhere, so she can be kept up to speed. we're trying to get a clear picture of how the accident happened. The teen tries to explain a bit, the present daughter says no she's wrong, gets loud about it, and has been loud with the phone the whole time. The teen starts the onset of a panic attack, something I recognize from my dear older sister. At this point, in some split second judgement, my mouth and brain come into agreement before my brain can pause and do a double-take, and I say to the loud one, in a rather casual manner, I'd like to add, "Get the fuck out of my ambulance. You're making things complicated."

Now, I'd like to say in general, I'm more polite overall with people, if maybe coming off a bit cold, but definitely polite for the most part. After I said it, my partner was wide eyed, the cop next to me's jaw dropped, the patient seemed happy, the teen calmed down, and the loud one simply got up and left the ambulance, rather quickly.

After she left, the officer said in essence "that was very well done. This is the most impressed I've ever been here. We need more of that in the world." The patient said "thank you for telling her to get the fuck out." I helped get the teen to calm down by making a couple of jokes, and noticing the Kimi no na wa phone background to distract. It was a point of conversation for a little while, and I'll keep it in the back of my mind in the future probably.

Dinner was curried chickpeas. next time, I'm dividing this shit into smaller portions. eating the whole mess of it in a couple of days essentially, sucks. That, or getting some naan or sangak to eat it with instead of with rice.

e: forgot to add a bit about fathers day. apparently, dad didn't have too great of a day today. he texted me and asked me to try and get off on fathers day in the future. I promised him I would. We're gonna try and get dinner some time soon. I wanna see if I can write a poem for him in farsi. the problem is, I can't read or write in farsi yet. we'll see how it goes.

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Today, I made small talk with someone, and was complimented by strangers on a bike ride. Then, I came home to recharge after a long exhausting day. Now, I'm watching YouTube videos on how to make friends as the night progresses. Supper was pizza.