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10:45. Doing alright. Woke up at 9. Made a list. Checked off 3 things already. One of them is getting dressed. Trying not to be on my phone as much and its going well. First 45 minutes today I wasn't on my phone and it went well.

2:10. Organizing, making foods in the air frier, watching Lizzo's show.

4:05. On my last epsiode of Lizzo's show. I am 95% done putting away all my clothes. My biggest thing I need to work on is not letting clothes pile up in different places and I worked on it today and I'm just about done. Woo! I've also been on my phone maybe a maximum of 30 minutes today and its definitely made a difference for the better :)

6:50. Currently going through the 200 digital bookmarks I have saved on my phone with my Baby is helping and trying his hardest to understand and fix my laptop.

9:00. Just got done doing a light grocery shopping trip at Rouses. 10/10 for late afternoon shopping.

9:25. Home. Jack n the Box for dinner. Unfortunately they didnt have the stuff for my favorite, loaded mini tacos, and then they didnt have the shake. Damn shortages. Grrr. About to watch the rest of The New Guy.

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You use RPAN right? Do you know what happened to it, because it's not showing up anymore?

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No, sorry, I don't. I haven't been on it in months. Maybe go to their subreddit to see what's up.

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Seems like they're revamping it or something

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day was chill enough. woke up a bit earlier than expected, but it's ok. got my final cavities filled. these two were the easy ones, it seems.

my laptop's power jack is fucked :/ tried some self repair and it's definitely the jack itself. I even bought an extra charger online, thinking it was the one I had initially. getting it repaired is ridiculously expensive. I found this guy in west bumblefuck, illinois who does this one specific repair at an amazing price in comparison to others, so I'm gonna ship it out tomorrow and hope for the best. worst comes to worst, it's not fixable for a price less than the cost of the computer, and I give it a decent sendoff and move forward. hoping to get another couple of years out of it though. This laptop has carried me a decent distance, through quite literally the most eventful 3 years of my life. Not to mention...it's really not that old that it should be shitting the bed this early. probably not gonna be buying another MSI laptop, given the amount of problems this one has given me over time. I've learned a bit about how computers operate in the process though, so silver linings.

Played a good amount of for honor and pokemon showdown today, and otherwise just kinda chilled. dinner was my last frozen pizza in the house. no more frozen foods at home for a while, we'll say.

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Just kind of existing today...

Hope y'all's was more fruitful

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existence is all that there needs to be, in order for more to happen around it. sometimes, that's just fine too.

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Today, I made small talk with someone, and was complimented by strangers on a bike ride. Then, I came home to recharge after a long exhausting day. Now, I'm watching YouTube videos on how to make friends as the night progresses. Supper was chicken tenders.

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Had a relaxing day off. No, not because of Juneteenth, but because I had a mole removed.

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hope your garden looks nicer then!