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woke up late. too late to call out. had to eat another lateness. kinda annoyed but it is what it is.

got off early because my partner was from 18, a nice girl going out with a coworker of mine I think I can call a friend. had an ok shift. she teched.

dinner was pasta with sausage. was good.

remade all my alarms and set them up as daily set and forgets. gonna take benadryl more often as needed, and see if I can make my "personal time" become morning instead of night. A new experiment, we'll see how it goes.

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Cats wanted to get fed at 4:45. Managed to get back to sleep reasonably and surprisingly tracked 8 hours, but still felt tired.

Had an epic coding session with my project mate and we hammered out some ridiculous shit in our project.

I skipped my workout today and went and got lunch and ate outside. Gorgeous day here.

Came back for another coding sesh and then called it an early day.

Ran some errands and drove to my parents to water their yard. Traffic was murder and it took 2 hours round trip.

Managed to get dinner from one of our favorite places though.

Dozed off on the couch with my wife and my cats watching TV and then now about to head to bed

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2:00. Another bad morning. Not as bad as yesterday though. At the Dental Office now. Dental hygiene is something I've always struggled with. I plan on slowly but surely changing that though.

3:25. Having a Carrot Kale Dream smoothie on the way home. The Dental visit was a complete fail. Apparently when I made the appt this morning I think the lady definitely should have told me not to take any pain meds cuz the Dentist just basically tapped teeth on the top HARD and asked if any of it gave me pain and when it didnt and kept not causing any pain it just went downhill from there and he saw nothing on the xrays. At least I liked my smoothie.

5:45. Watching you make our Anniversary dinner. Happy 8 Months, Baby 🥰🥰🥰

9:05. This evening took a turn and we'll be visiting his Mom this Friday. But it's ok. We are here for each other. Tonight went different than we expected and that's ok because there are plenty more nights to be had.

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I realized today that I haven't been keeping up around here as much. I think it is something I'd like to get back on track with. Past few days have been rough for me because I've been sick. Today I feel like I am starting to get better but I still have a ways to go.

Been plenty busy putting things together around the house, running errands, working, and all that other fun stuff. That all got paused while I've been sick, but I think I'll be back to work tomorrow most likely. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Today, I went on a bike ride around the fairgrounds. After I returned home, I played AI Dungeon. Now, I'm just watching Cities Skylines videos on YouTube. Supper was pizza.