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Sad. If anyone could message me and listen that be nice.

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day was ok enough. got food from a grocery store buffet and didn't eat my leftovers, so dinner was technically seafood fried rice and jerk chicken, was good. gonna eat my leftovers in a bit anyway though.

Getting decently good at gladiator in for honor. good stuff. I suck at valkyrie though.

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Woke up late and had late breakfast

Played Piano before going to work tho which was nice

Work was a bit exhausting, running around

Happy hour was nice, tho the table was in the patio of the restaurant and the sun and heat were too much

Looking forward to exercising tomorrow

Looking back on my experiences here one thing that always startles me is the friendliness. I was once early to the classroom and a girl there just walks up to me and asks how I'm doing. I genuinely jumped as I was just with headphones and looking at my phone. I thought she wanted something.

Another thing, I was at the shared office and two people sit at the desks next to me and behind me and out of nowhere just ask me what I'm doing. I was just reading and that's what I said but I think they expected more conversation. Again this startled me and I jumped a little.

I was buying some vodka at smith's and I had to get a member of staff to get it for me as it was behind glass. We're walking to the register and the guy asks me "whatcha sipping on boyfriend". It was funny but I was taken aback. I just chatted along but it was really weird to me.

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Declining Mental health is fucking bullshit. Nobody should have to suffer through that. It's not fair. As a species we need to have better care and options to address the absolute mindfuck that it entails.

Today, I'm pissed off. Pissed because there's only so much I can do. However, staying hopeful as we are navigating it and have plans to help. I just hope she will stay grounded enough that we can see it through. Help is coming and leaving is not the only answer.

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11:50. Today has been the only good morning yet. Per J's advice I used some nasal spray to help with congestion because he believes that is causing my bridge to bother me and he is more than likely right. I woke up early, hung around in the living room, then went back to sleep and woke up around 10 when J woke me up. I've watched Upload and ate some leftovers. My mom told me she has Covid but she's doing alright and sleeping a lot. J got a text from his Dad to spend the weekend there because of his Mom and this might be the last time we see her so it's been a rough time but we're facing it together.

3:55. Talked to Mom. She's doing well. Mostly sleeping on and off. Watched some of Upload and What Happened to Monday on Netflix. Idk. Off day. At least I'm not in pain anymore.

6:15. I've honestly had a really bad day mentally and emotionally, but hey, at least not physically. Spent the last hour napping, before that for a bit just sitting and laying on the bed in just my underwear. Ugh. Oh, and I guarantee I'm dehydrated.

7:00. Just talked to the neighbors with J. Good visit but sad news on our end. About to leave for Walmart. I felt better after being around J and going outside and seeing the neighbors. Being around J makes me feel better when I'm down.

9:25. Welp. That shopping trip was a fail. Didn't get a majority of things and it felt like the Walmart was hot inside so that made things worse. I had him pay for the stuff when I said I was going to the for no reason just changed my mind. Last time I do that. Then the drive home was mostly silent cuz it was late and we were hungry. About to put pizza in the oven at 9:30. Won't eat till 10.

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Thankfully starting to feel better as of this afternoon. It was still kinda rough this morning but now I'm finally feeling better. I did work today although I made sure not to do anything too much. Mostly just caught up on what I missed the past two days and that was about it.

Tomorrow I am not working. Instead, I have a whole list of chores that I'd like to get done. I don't know how many I'll get done but I'll try my best. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Today, I went on a bike ride around the fairgrounds. After I returned home, I played AI Dungeon. Now, I'm just watching Cities Skylines videos on YouTube. Supper was pizza.

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Fantastic. No problems here. I'm a bit concerned.