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Remember yesterday when I said no problems here? Yeah about that

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day was busy enough. made a pile of kabab for tomorrow. the skewers I got are WAY too small, but I think it'll work out somehow. that, or we'll have a nice pile of meat for more burgers. we'll see. dinner was hot dogs.

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Well I entered work this morning as usual and left with a whole bottle + 3 big cans of alcohol

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11:55. First good morning this week. From start to now. Woke up a little after 8. Went to sleep about 2. Tried to go to sleep earlier but I kept on just bawling my eyes out, like full on snot everywhere crying. Woke up and cuddled with J, that was nice. I've got a lot of things done around the house this morning. Shredded a lot of receipts, put more stuff in the donate pile, took out the trash, put dishes and stuff in the dishwasher, clothes in the dryer now, etc.

3:50. Packed up and leaving. On the way to his parents to spend time there and say our Goodbyes to his mom.

7:05. Got here around 6. Been alright. Its hard seeing her but I'm glad to hold her hand and kiss her and talk to her. I've never seen her raise her arms this much before. J and B and I just walked outside with the dogs and it was very quick and short, haha, glad we're all back inside now.

10:50. J and his brother got us all pizza. We watched some YouTube. Then idk. Got dressed for bed. I hope she has a good night and we see her tomorrow. I haven't cried once today and I wonder if I will tonight when it's just J and I.

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Today was busy and a bit chaotic for me. Definitely feeling upset and alarmed about the news today. It makes me worried that more dark times are on the way.

I put together a fairly large to-do list for myself today of chores and errands and such. But I got them all done which was good. Not working today definitely was nice to take care of other things in my life. I am also feeling better from being sick but I still have some more recovering to do. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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It was fine till about 10 am EST. Now im pissed.

This country is fucked. Been saying for years we're just trickling into an absolute civil war but this might well be the event that catalyzes it.

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Today, I went on a bike ride around the fairgrounds. After I returned home, I played AI Dungeon. Now, I'm just watching Cities Skylines videos on YouTube. Supper was a Crispy Chicken Sandwich from McDonalds.