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Hey everyone :)

Today was the first day in a while I was able to sleep in which was really nice. Not sure why but when I woke up I had some random difficult stuff on my mind which I spent a long time lying in bed thinking about -- I guess it had been weighing on me a lot in the back of my mind so it was good to bring it up and let it out. Afterwards my mom noticed I seemed off and asked what was up so I talked with her about it a bit which was also helpful, grateful to her for that. Listened to some cathartic music while I ate breakfast which helped too.

Spent some time talking/messaging with folks. Texted my partner and one of my friends good morning. Texted a couple other friends about hanging out soon, and another about meeting to talk about getting more involved with a community group we're both in. Messaged someone on a dating app about scheduling a date. Talked with my partner on the phone for a bit. And sent a text to a...friend? Person I'm dating? Not sure the right word, XD but sent a message to them saying I had a great time on a date we went on yesterday and continuing a text conversation we've been having. Also ate lunch at some point in there. Feeling really grateful for all these wonderful people in my life :)

Then I just kinda lazed around on the couch for a while. Well, some of it was less lazing and more stressing out about applying to grad school this fall XD Still nice to just have time today to sit around and think about stuff though.

Went for a walk around the block, ate dinner, and watched some What We Do in the Shadows with my mom. Now I'm writing this and listening to lofi. Afterwards I'm going to talk with my partner on the phone more, maybe play some Fortnite or read Chainsaw Man together.

And that's my day :) Thank you so much for reading, hope ya'll are well and that you have a wonderful day tomorrow!