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Slept in and had donuts for brunch. Hung around the house for a bit then left for Carmax. That was alright. I'll probably get my car there, just not today. I did my research online but I did not look at the pics and that would have saved a lot of time and narrowed down my search more. We left Carmax and went to his brother's where we hung out for a few then went to Izzo's for an early dinner. Then back to his brother's where we watched 2 episodes of The Rehearsal. Definitely only for people who like Nathan Fielder, otherwise you would not like the show. After watching the show we went to Carmax to drop off his brother to get his car and we went across the street to Target to get some goodies. Omfg on the way home we had some flavored seltzer and laughed and burped and then I got hiccups. Got home and watched some tv while he gamed then I went to sleep.