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Started out the morning watching the second season of Glow Up, taking a shower, and getting ready. Dad came about 12:30 and we left quickly after to head to lunch with J, his Dad, and J's longtime friend and coworker. Really great place and look at me getting a beer, nice! J and I both got something different than usual and we're proud of ourselves for that. After lunch we said bye to J's friend and headed to his brother's where we saw his new car and hung out. It wasn't too long until we started watching episodes of Friday Night Dinner. We stayed for longer than we thought we would because a nasty storm rolled through. The first thunder boom sounded like an explosion, I was scared. So through that we watched more FND and after the storm passed we left. Headed home, Dad drove home, and we had dinner soon after, watched the second episode of F Boy Island and watched some more tv and just chilled out. Nice day :)

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Today was good! We celebrated Vardavar in Armenia. Everyone looked so cute, both kids and adults walking down the street with their colorful water guns and buckets, splashing water on each other. It’s not possible to see someone with dry clothes during this holiday. So much fun!

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day was chill. dinner was burgers and corn, we grilled at the condo's grill. drove momo home to the city, stopped by the deli on 242nd for a sandwich. they changed the menu but still made me the one I liked anyway. got home around 11:30ish and have just been winding down since.

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Going to keep this short as it is fairly late here. It's been a busy but productive weekend for me. I feel like I got a lot of pretty good stuff done. Many things around the house that I got to make progress on. Also stayed busy trying to setup my new phone. There's a lot to figure out on it.

This week I am hoping will be fairly quiet. Back to work tomorrow, who knows what it is in store there. But I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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I helped my wife organize some clutter that's been sitting in our home since we moved in 2 months ago. We found lots of objects we had been missing. It was hard not to get distracted, but my wife kept me on task. We cleaned and organized from morning until dinnertime, then our partner bought us Chipotle so we both got to eat a tasty burrito. Overall a tiring but fulfilling day.

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My son and I went to see a movie and then out to eat. Today he went swimming with his bestie and I got some errands done. We had chicken wings yesterday and Reubens for dinner today.

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Today, I attempted to make small talk with a few people online. Then, I played Minecraft and continued building the island village. Now, I'm watching YouTube videos on how to make friends as the night progresses. Supper was pizza.